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I tried to buy an item advertised in a Sears flyer today (first day of sale). I was told they didn't have any in the store, but there were lots of the item in their warehouse and on line. I tried to purchase online but they told me they would not honor the flyer price.

Called customer service and they were rude and ignored what I was telling them stating things that were blatantly untrue. The flyer did not indicate, as these oxymorons of service tried to argue, anywhere that the item had to be in the store for the sale price to be honored. In fact, you are referred to their online and catalog for more "selection" in several places including the page where the item I wanted was on.

This is a first. Any other company, unless it is explicitly labeled ("store only" or "online only") honors their pricing. I have made several purchases this way and so long as I can show the price (flyer or online listing) - it is honored. Most companies advertise they price match including Sears. Recently they tried to get me to buy another major appliance by offering to "beat" their competitors pricing. I didn't take their offer (see below for why).

I had been a loyal customer, but that has been changing. First it was their appliances (Kenmore is not worth your time) diminishing quality and more recently the realization that I couldn't go to the store for service if I had a problem (needed a part) with my major purchases. Now, I see they do not even honor consumer law.

The customer must be given the advertised price - no exceptions. The item must state - "price only available in store" or selection limited to certain stores or something like that to indicate items in their warehouse or other stores are not included in the sale.

My advice to the consumer - Don't waste your time - skip Sears when you are considering where to spend your hard earned dollars.

My advice to Sears: close you are a waste of space.

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the "consumer protection law" you are citing only applies if you are called them and initiated the the transaction

as for cancelling the order, well that does seem's a work-around for you...order the one online as well...when the store one arrives, just return it


Sears most definitely does not honor their own prices. Called to get a new lawnmower canopy (broke mine), was quoted a price.

Later same day, my wife found it on the Sears website for much less. I called to see if they would honor it, they said no. Asked to cancel the order (mind you, it was the same day), they said no. I asked about the consumer protection law of 3 days to cancel, they said they did not have to adhere to those laws.

I will never purchase a single thing from this unethical, unprofessional store again. With my job being that I work with the public daily, I will make sure everyone I come in contact with knows the "rules of Sears" since they seem to be their own country with their own laws.They surely need to close down.