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Sears failed to show up for three subsequent and separately schedule appointments for a warranty repair for my cooktop. This caused me three missed days of work, and nearly a month without a cooktop.

They do not employ enough repair persons to make appointments any sooner than 10 to 14 days after you call. They must be grossly overbooking their repair persons to result in failing to show up this frequently. They have no system for contacting their customers in advance when they are not coming, they just don't show up. They have no system in place for putting customers back into the next day's schedule when Sears fails to show up. When any appointment is rescheduled, regardless of the circumstances, the customer is put at the end of the 10 to 14 day waiting line.

Sears supervisors have been unable to correct these issues.

Sears' poor extended warranty service systematically weeds out any customer who actually needs warranty repair service, and keeps the customers who don't need repairs. If you think this is too cynical, remember all the health insurance companies who cancel their contracts when their customers actually got sick.

Don't buy an extended warranty, especially not one from Sears!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Been in the same type of situation for over a year. Bought the Sears Master Protection Agreement wich has a lemon clause in it.

My range has been serviced 5 times and the same problem exists even though the repairmen (plural) have changed the valves 3 times and checked the range from top to bottom. Sears dimwits have now said that it is the pressure of the LP tank that is bad. But how does that explain that the range in the 1st floor kitchen that works perfectly with the same tank as they are both hooked up on the same line. Sears refuses to replace the unit.

I have already contacted the NYS Attorney Generals Fraud division office, explained the situation, filled out the appropriate forms and am going to drop them off today. I told them I would do so if they couldn't honor their contract. I recommend that you do the same : contact your State AG office and file with them. If enough complaints come in, Sears may actually honor their word instead of passing the buck.

By the way, after this garbage began last year, when I needed to purchase a generator, rather than going to Sears (where I used to purchase items like this) I went to Lowes.

They were helpful and even put it together for me for free. Change where you shop...then these thieves and liars will lose their jobs instead of making us waste out valuable time.


It is now been five weeks without my primary cooking appliance. Sears has failed to show up for FOUR scheduled appliance repair visits for my appliance which is covered under a Sears extended warranty.

My warranty says they will replace my appliance when Sears fails to repair it after four visits. Will Sears honor their warranty agreement?