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Today sears lost my business forever after buying every major appliance I own there since 1989. Do not trust the warrantees, they're worthless, and the techs are inconsiderate.

Since it was delivered 6 months ago the doors have been tough to shut. At first I thought it was normal, however on a recent visit to Sears I checked it out and my doors weren't normal. The salesman there told me no problem it was covered under warranty. Turns out the door was a tiny bit out of alignment causing the gaskets to rub a bit. No big deal.

Well it took me a week to get the nerve to call for the promised warranty service because somehow that never goes well and I don't like getting worked up. Anyway I and was again told no problem they would schedule a covered repair next day between 8 and 12

Next day at 11:10 after I had spent over 3 hours waiting the tech calls, having never seen the refrigerator, and tells me when he comes he will be charging me $154. As he expected I cancelled, I can fix it myself in 5 minutes, I just need to get the manual to make sure i don't break any plastic

So I call the service line to complain, an initially the rep is very sympathetic and says she will get to the bottom of the problem because she can't understand why it wouldn't be covered since it was a manurfacturing defect. So she puts me n hold for half an hour and comes back with an attitude. Yup, she left sympathetic, and comes back acting like I was a ***. We had not spoken in between, I spent the time on hold watching TV.

Now she says it's a manufacturing setting that is wrong, no warranty. WHAT?! I thought that's what they cover. If they don't cover manbufacturing defects, and don't cover damage by the user what do they cover...no answer, more attitude.

Anyway this loyal Sears customer since 1989 is now telling everyone he can not to buy Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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If it wasn't a Kenmore I would've called the manufacture direct and see what they would've done.

If you buy an extended warranty or service plan anywhere they are frequently sub contracted which means you or the company/seller have litte control over the service. Sears and others do this on purpose because quite frankly they don't want to see you after the sale for money reasons alone.

Always ask WHO honors or does the service on a warranty. And find out if an insurance company is backing the warranty service rather than the store or manufacturer.

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