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I bought all new appliances from Sears (brand new home). One was a Kenmore Elite dual-fuel slide-in range/oven (223 644 183).

After a week of use I used the self-clean feature. The next morning nothing worked - no bake, no convection oven, etc. I called Sears and two weeks later I am still without an oven! I posted a simple review on the Sears website and they refused to post it, saying it was "inappropriate or not related to the product".

Do not trust the ratings/reviews on the Sears website - they only post the positive ones. Here is the review, word for word:

I bought my oven and used it perhaps 3-4 times. Loved it. My only real complaint was that when cleaning the glass control panel, the touch-pad is so sensitive that it turns all of the buttons on and beeps at you - you have to be very careful to turn everything off after wiping down the panel.

Then I used the self-clean oven feature. Turned it on at night, and the next morning I woke up to the oven light shattered. Then nothing in the oven worked - no bake, no convection, no heat at all. Given I had purchased the oven less than 2 weeks ago, I called the local Sears and they told me to call the 800 Parts & Service number (in other words, it's not their problem).

I called the 800 number and they told me a local service contractor would call me within 2 business days to schedule an appointment. Two days just to get a return call?!?!? But I have a family of 4 to feed and this is a BRAND NEW APPLIANCE?!?!? So 2 days later, the service man calls and says he will come look at the appliance in a week.

A WEEK?!?!? So now I have guests staying over the summer holidays, with my own family to feed, and no oven for what will amount to almost 2 WEEKS. Maybe they will fix it and I can change my review, but this is ridiculous considering the amount I paid for a brand new appliance. And you can bet that as soon as they fix it, the first thing I am going to do is set the self-clean option again to make sure it does not blow out the oven again.

If you are considering this model, be sure to test the self-clean feature while still under warranty, and don't do it if you plan to have any urgent use of your oven for, say, 2 weeks.

Argh!!! What happened to customer service?!?!?

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Mrs, Sir,

Thank you for this story. I wonder how much of these messages are not published... I'm a reporter. Can I speak to you directly?


Francois Sanche, Radio-Canada

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