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If you decide to use a Sears or ServiceLive installer please verify that they have a business license for your city. Many Sears installers have no business license or certification of any kind, except that they are approved by Sears.

ServiceLive (a subsidiary) shows how many licenses or certifications are claimed by every business under every employee name. If they show '0' it means they are not holding a business license anywhere. Do you really want someone in your home who is unknown to your municipality?

Do you want someone who does not register to do their business in your city? Do you really want someone whom your city cannot find or verify?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Sorry but you don't have a clue!

I am a Sears certified contractor in Illinois. We are required to take out licenses and surety bonds with any municipality that requires it.

Sears refunds us the cost. Sears also pays for any permits needed. See how many companies do that with their contractors. We are required to do a background check every 2 years.

We have to report every employee that we have ,and background checks are done on them.

I take great pride on the work that I do and won't settle for OK, Good enough! People depend on Sears to give them great work at a reasonable cost.

We are not scimping on the old family recepie.

to Don from Sears Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #751400

So explain to all of us who dont know why everyone is getting substandard installations if you are all so competant. All these people are not lying so what you are telling us is simply not true.

You are on a sinking ship that i suggest you abandon or you are going to go down with it.

We may not know the situation but we DO know we are unhappy with the work you are doing regardless. Are you one of the people that BIDS on the job once it is offered?

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