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In March of 2010 I purchased a front-loading washing machine from Sears in order to take advantage of the $150 govt rebate that was offered at that time. The machine I purchased said "Kenmore" on it. Delivery and installation went smoothly and I used the machine twice before all *** broke loose.

During the 3rd use, I turned the machine on and went downstairs to clean (my laundry room is on the 2nd floor). As I was vaccumming the steps, imagine my dismay when I saw water running out of the laundry room and onto my brand new laminate floor in the hallway. I ran into the laundry room and saw water spurting out of the front of the machine in the area where you put the detergent (NOT out of the back of the machine where it is attached to the water supply). As you can imagine, it was quite a mess. I called in water damage people who repaired everything to the tune of almost $10,000. My insurance company paid for everything(minus my $1000 deductible, of course) and this is where my woes really begin.

I had of course been in touch with Sears during all this time as it was their machine that had malfunctioned and thus they should be held responsible for damages. How naive of me! Come to find out, even though the machine had "Kenmore" on it, it was manufactured by LG, so now Sears, although apologetic, tells me I have to deal with LG. Lots and lots of stuff in the interval which would bore you, but it is now almost January 2011, and you guessed it, my insurance company has still not been reimbursed and I am still out my $1000 deductible, not to mention that my insurance rates will escalate since I had to make a claim. LG is fighting the case because they say it could have been an installation error and Sears says it was not an installation error because the water was coming out the front of the machine and also I had no problems the first 2 times I used it. In the meantime, the insurance arbitrator is getting absolutely no where and I am stuck in the middle.

The only good thing that happened was that I ended up with a TOP LOADING Maytag that I absolutely love. But I will NEVER deal with Sears again. Their name was on the product, and they should have stood behind what they sold instead of putting a customer in the middle. Shame on them!!

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Yamoussoukro, Yamoussoukro, Côte Divoire #230015

Thank you, fulpock. I will take your advice and see what happens.

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, United States #230011

Recommend everyone who has a problem simply email I assure you they will help and you. That group may be small but they are decision makers and could not have been more fair with us after we too started with a pretty negative experience.

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