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Sears has the WORST customer service of all major retailers. We will never buy from that company again based on our most recent experience. I had purchased a replacement Craftsman lawn mower on April 30, 2011. This mower replaced a Craftsman mower that I purchased 10 years ago. On June 4, 2011, while cutting the same yard where I have lived since 1979, the new Craftsman lawn mower's engine seized and the blade fell off, thank God that the blade unit went straight down rather that out the back of the mower where I would have been either lamed or killed. When I contacted Sears on what had happened, they stated to bring the unit to the nearest store where they would determine what would be the next step. When I got there I was told that the mower would be sent to the repair center since it was more than 30 days since I purchased the mower (yeah, it was 34 days) where they would determine who was at fault, and if it was my fault, they would not honor any warranty and I would be out $159. If it was a manufacturer's defect, then they would repair the unit, and that it normally took 2 weeks for the repair. I told them I needed a lawn mower now and that since it was only 34 days, could they not replace the unit since it was a Craftsman, which used to mean quality. They got the Saturday operations manager involved who stated that this looked like customer abuse and that the warranty repair would be void and too bad for me.

I then contacted the 800 Sears national customer service center and was given more of a run around that ended up with an offer of $50 off a new lawn mower purchase, which meant that I would only be out $109.

My wife and I have owned a business for over 25 years and we understand warranty policies, but we also understand customer relations. Obviously, a $159 sale for Sears is more important than keeping a customer. My wife and I had purchased in excess of $2,000 for 4 appliances in the past 18 months from Sears and are in the market for a new washer and dryer. Guess where we are not going to shop for those 2 items!!

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You should report them to the consumer protection agency and the better business bureau because it seems clear at this point that sears knows it is selling defective lawn mowers and continue to sell them anyway. I too am having a difficult time getting them to honor their warranty and am considering a retaining an attorney to recover my monetary loss dur to my purchase of their defective product.

Don't allow them to get away with it.

That's why they keep doing it. Stand your ground.


Did you add the 20oz bottle of oil that came with the mower? If not thats customer abuse.


you left out the part about what they found. why did they just 'say' it was your fault? do you really think someone at corporate level in any company would lose a customer for a manufacturers defect?