We contracted with Sears to have our Kitchen remodelled. We are still waiting to have the work completed.

They said that they provide a project manager but in essence the home owner is the project manager. The project manager does not visit the site, does not follow-up and when requests are made states that Sears does not do that. Well here is the problem and continues to be a problem. The workers contracted by Sears are not qualified to do the job and/or take little pride in their work.

In my case the workers came unprepared with insufficient product to complete a backsplash. They then left the backsplash with unfinished edges, tiles missing in visible areas and they expected me to sign off on a completed job. When I questioned the so-called project manager he said that Sears does not carry the bullnose for that tile. My response was that Sears should not sell a product that they cannot finish in a professional manner.

Afterall, this was subway tile - a tile that is quite common.

There were so many other problems with this job in terms of the professionalism of the workers - too many to mention. Do not use Sears for Kitchen remodelling.

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