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Do not buy an appliance (or anything else, for that matter) at Sears. Their sales people will tell you ANYTHING to get a sale, including boldfaced lies, and their customer service is horrendous! Management doesn't care, and taking your money will be the only thing that you find they do well.

My delightful experience I share that I may prevent some other poor sucker from having to waste their time, money, energy, etc with Sears, Roebuck and Company. Here's the short version.

I purchased a washing machine at the Sears store on 12/01/07. I was told it would be delivered on 12/08/07. I was not given an "estimated" delivery date, but an actual commitment for delivery on that date. (I am now to understand that this is a "firable offense" per Lori, store manager at the Paradise Valley, AZ store...strangely, no one has yet been fired.)

I was called 12/07/07, to confirm delivery for the next day between 11:00 and 2:00. This was not the original "earliest appointment" I requested, but I was so desperate for a washer (4 kids and going on 2 weeks without one) that I accepted this delivery time. At 2:00pm, 12/08/07, with no phonecall from Sears and no washer to speak of, my husband called and was told there was no washer for us. Yes, no washer. Non-existent, they say. "Can't deliver something we don't have", they say. How strange they have it Friday night. but not Saturday morning. Where did it go? Was it given to another customer? Did Santa's elves cart it away? Perhaps aliens came and took it. Hmmmm.

Well, Sears again promises that my washer will be delivered the following Saturday, 12/15/07. There was no mention that the washer may not be in stock by then either, just another promise of delivery. Though I didn't feel this was acceptable, I felt my hands tied because they already had our money. I'm not wealthy enough to plunk down another $700.00 for a washing machine when it's 10 days until Christmas.

So, on Wednesday, 12/12/07, because we were having a bit of trouble trusting Sears on their word, my husband again called them at the number from which he'd been contacted. At this time Sears Home Delivery told us, "the washer is in the warehouse and will be delivered Saturday" as promised. Friday 12/14/07, we were again contacted with another 3-hour window in which to wait for our much-anticipated washing machine. Yay!

It has now been 3 weeks and I'm at 30+ loads dirty. The laundramat costs $4.00 per load - just to wash. My children have NO clean clothes (underwear), we have no clean towels or sheets in our house and our friends are hiding from us lest we ask to borrow their machines again. A washing machine at this point is the crux of our family existense. From my toddler to my teenagers, I have been enlightened to find that clean laundry is NOT a luxury but as necessary as a toilet and fire. But I digress.

Lo and behold, 12/15/07, approximately 12 hours after yet another call confirming delivery for the next morning, Sears called us (at least they called us this time), and informed us that again, there was no washer to deliver. They then tried to reschedule yet another Saturday delivery for 12/22/07 - three days before Christmas. And still they mention nothing about there being a possibility that there may not be a washing machine available then.

WHO IS EATING MY WASHING MACHINES? IS IT THE IRON GIANT? IS IT ALIENS? I have my old washer for scrap metal if the monsters are hungry.

Instead, the rep decides to regale my husband with the joys of Just In Time inventory procedure and how it's not their fault. Of course it's not, I say. It's the aliens.

Now, being someone who doesn't care for being hoodwinked, railroaded or otherwise jacked about, I got on the phone and started making calls. After one request to speak to management after another (53 phonecalls and 6 hours worth of wasted time later) I was delighted with a return phonecall from the store manager...from kindergarden. And not the teacher, mind you, but the the argumentative, defensive, "it's not my fault" worthless heap of flesh that would be the last person with whom I was able to share my holiday spirit.

Now, to give her some credit, she evidently listened to Patrick, the assistant store manager and only person during this whole ordeal that seemed even remotely concerned with my plight. (I'd like to put in an honorable mention to Katrina in jewelry who actually physically walked a message up to "store manager" Lori) .

This Lori person was more than pleased with herself when she told me that she would refund my money for the first washer and give me a better one for the same price and a nifty gift certificate (as if I wanted anything more from Sears anyway). Oh boy, a washing machine, for me? Tomorrow?Though this may sound a reasonable resolution, she then insisted I pay for the new washer. "Okay", I say, "has the credit come through for the other one yet"? No, she tells me. You'll have to call the credit card company for that. It may take up to 14 days. So now my only option is to open a Sears card, or wait another 14 days for a washer I didn't order and a gift certificate for a store I wouldn't shop in to save my damned soul.

Does this sound reasonable to you?? I'm sure its those blasted aliens.

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Sunderland, England, United Kingdom #1453

Sounds like the same run-around in whatever state you may be living from Sears -- See my review \"SEARS? NEVER AGAIN!\"

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