Nobody reads it but Sears has a disclaimer that they don't have to honor their own advertised prices or any other claims they may make. Sears web site advertised their 1,468 piece professional tool set for only $999.98 but when I called to order it their sales line was unable to place the order.

After 3 hours, talking to 9 customer service people, and being disconnected twice, I was tolled that the website posted the wrong price and sears was going to break it's own policy by not selling me the tool set. I called again and was informed of a disclaimer that sears doesn't have to honor it's advertised prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

Monetary Loss: $999.

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Currently having issues because they advertised several mattress sets (items sold seperately) for 59.99- 99.99 when I went to purchase the mattress only which it said I could do it didn't give me the option so I called customer service who quickly told me it was a mistake on their part that the mattress was not that price. I told them it was clearly listed at that price and that I had even printed out the advertisement and all the information on the deal.

After spending over 2hrs being bounced back and forth they finally disabled the website which i am assuming is so they can fix the problem.

I looked up the product and it goes for just under 800 dollars. Very disappointed.


That sounds like my story exactly trying to order a tool set and storage combo, even down to the 3 hours spent with customer service and with an online chat. The representatives had trouble understanding me and I certainly had difficulty trying to decipher exactly what they meant.

Sears should go back to customer service based in the U.S.

and honor the prices they have posted on their website.

Sears will have to earn my business at this point!

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