I ordered and paid $731.84 for what I thought was an iPad3 with Wi-Fi and 4G network from Sears.com.Surprisingly I received the iPad from a person in the Bronx, NY and the packing slip was from Amazon.

I was told by Apple that I received an iPad2 with Wi-Fi only (without 4G). When I tried to contact Sears, they directed me to Amazon which showed no record of the sale. Amazon suggested I try a company called Idolian. After several days of what I will call "the runaround" from Idolian, I received a label to return.

After returning the product, I was told by some person at Idolian that I could pay a 50% restocking fee (this is unrealistic) or they could return the iPad to me because it was what I ordered. Exchanging this product was not an option and now I'm out of $731.84 and stuck with an iPad I did not order! Sears never offered to facilitate a resolution or offer an exchange. This was not a cheap item and I can't believe Sears did not stand behind a product that was ordered from their website by Sears gift certificate!

I hope everyone stops shopping at Sears!

I thought Sears was a reputable company that stood behind their products, but I was wrong.Sears is totally "hands off" and has not offered a resolution!

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