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Over the last 4 to 5 years I have purchased a washer dryer , refrigerator , a dishwasher, and finally ( and last Sears purchase) a double oven and cooktop. The appliances are fine but the incredible difficulty with delivery and installation means I can never shop at Sears.

What used to be the absolutely best aspect of sears is now the worst possible. I paid for the delivery and installation of each appliance I purchased at Sears. It is no longer done in house apparently. Dealing with sears after the purchase was simply incredible.

On hold for more than an hour on several occasions. Promises made that someone would call me and of course it did not happen. The $900. Dishwasher that was delivered without the hoses necessary to install it.

I went back to Sears to get the hoses. No answer to my question as to why the delivery and installation service did not check before they left Sears to make sure the dishwasher had the right hoses. No answer as to why they did not stock the hoses on the delivery vehicle and no explanation as to why it was my responsibility to go back to Sears and get the hoses that were supposed to be in the dishwasher to begin with. Over one month elapsed before I could Sears to comeback and install the dishwasher ( I had paid for delivery and installation).Store manager would not return my call.

In spite of that I foolishly spent over $3,000 several months ago on a double oven and cooktop. The delivery and installation experience was even worse. Sears does not care about their customers .... In fact they seem to hate them.The customer service number in their web site was only for internet customer....which I was told after holding 1/2 hour.

Agent could not transfer me and I had the pleasure of calling the new number and holding another 30 minutes and spoke to someone who could not ( or would not) help me

You could not script a strategy for destroying a respected Store as effective as this. It is a tragedy.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Straight answer. Sears appliance salesperson here.

The dishwasher hose thing is an easy mistake to make.

Kit 22-11000 is not automatically prompted at the register. Its also ridiculously easy to fix and takes two mins at the store. Any longer than that and they dont know what they are doing. Cash in/ Cash out.


Sounds like you bought at a store. Not sure why your salesman did not help you. For those reading this. Dump this problem on your salesperson.

They got PAID for it so they can fix it.

As far as the phone system goes. DONT bother calling. the system either promps to internet sales who wont help or a machine. People manning the office does not happen now.

Go to the store. Yes I know a pain but this is why:

Sears salespeople are commission only and corporate dumps problems including screw ups by the internet sales department on the stores. When the phone rings, we are more likely to get a call about an internet sale than our own or one of our store coworkers. You see Sears as Sears.

Sears is actually broken up into business units.

We do not get compensated for fixing corporate screw ups.

You dont have to like the answer. It is the correct one.

to Anonymous #1001882

I purchased one hose when i purchased the dishwasher at Sears on Main st (purchase price about $900.00). I had that one with me.

According the delivery and installation people the Dishwasher was supposed to have another hose inside of the was not there. The delivery people arrived on a Friday. I went to Sears on Main Street and purchased the hose that was supposed to be inside of the dishwasher. I called the delivery and installation people from Sears and said I had it the additional hose.

They never called me back. I had the dishwasher on the floor in the middle of my kitchen for a month and no calls EVER returned

I have no doubt that your explanation is true....but it describes an incredibly dysfunctional retail store. It is simply incredible that they continue to give out the incorrect customer service number....that no one takes any responsibility and NO ONE EVER returns a phone call and they seem to take pride in it.

How *** I was to put myself through it all again when( about 18 months later) I purchased the double oven and cooktop range.....still the incorrect customer service number on the Sears web site : still unanswered phones and messages NEVER returned. So sad since i liked Sears and they still have some knowledgeable,professional appliance sales people.They could not try harder to ruin a formerly good store.

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