Casas Adobes, Arizona

I went to return a dress that was purchased at I always make sure that it can be returned at a local store because I hate to send packages back because is time consuming.The associate number 97741 scanned item and was unable to find item and said they probably didn't sell that dress, but if I had the receipt he could do the return and he verified with another employee and he said same thing. I decided to login to my account and retrieved the order number,item purchased,price and the picture.

Employee entered all the information but once again item was not found explanation he gave me was that probably because Sears was not the seller because the shopyourway site sells from several stores and only way to know was with the receipt. I gave up and when I was about to leave I checked to see if I could find the email confirmation I received after I placed the order and found it that was the receipt. I gave all the infornation to employee and item was sold by Sears, he entered all the information and item could not be returned because item was not valid. Employee asked for help to another employee named Nadja, she tried to do the return but item was not found and I guess receipt of purchase was not enough.

I responded that I had wasted over 30minutes and she had to return item because I had the receipt, Finally Nadja not very happy returned item for $35.19 and I had paid 35.35 and mentioned that to her but she said there was nothing she could do and if I wanted my 16 cents to call my response to her was if you do this to 1,000 costumers don't you think that would add up?! And I asked for manager but she said he was gone for the day.

Overall experience was horrible can't believe employee insinuated I was returning the wrong dress with original tags,package,order history from their own site and receipt. Only people stealing pennies at a time is Sears.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why are you buying clothing at Sears? That is pretty gross!


Is Sears department store in Tucson AZ they have apploances and clothes.


Sorry appliances