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Recently I had Sears service my HVAC system for my home. From the time the technicians entered my home to the end of the service I was very dissatisfied.

Sears technicians did not wear not have their booties to protect my carpets and floors. They did not provide me any visual identifies from before and after service, even though I had specifically requested it. They scuffed my walls with their equipment and left dirty hand prints on ceilings and vents with their hands. Last but not least, they were only interested in selling me stuff rather than performing the tasks they came for. This was the case from the beginning till they finally wore me down through scare tactics. My service when set up over the phone was supposed to cost $249 plus taxes. When it was all done and finished, it cost me $1019. They sold me a UV air purifying system and cleaning of the coils that brought me to over a $1000. When I asked for an estimate for the coil cleaning they never can provide even an estimate, where I discovered everything is negotiable when the technician comes on site.

Long and short, I was cheated by Sears with poor service and constant sales pitches. My only aim in this is to help other customers from my poor service from Sears. I thought I could trust a big name such as Sears. Not the case anymore!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Cleaning Service.

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I had the same experience today. They are a scam.

They may have completely ripped me off but I will never spend another dollar at sears again for anything.


I'm glad I read this. I was thinking of hiring sears for my air duct and started doing some online searches on them.

Almost all of the comments were negative. Needless to say, I won't be hiring Sears.


I had Coit do my duct cleaning a year and a half ago, and they did it reversed. I have white cabinets in my kitchen and they were filthy dirty when the guy left.

Every wall in every room had to be cleaned along with the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity. I called and they gave me a refund, even offered to clean for me, but I actually did the cleaning myself. A week ago I had Sears come and do the duct cleaning and so far it has been awesome.

There was very little dirt that and metal shavings that I had to vacuum up and the vents are so much cleaner than before. I was very satisfied with the work that was done.


Complete waste of money!!!


I was also dealing with Sears they came to my home to do a duct cleaning. But as I told customer service when trying to explain to them about my problem, is that Sears should be able to tell you in and estimate what is needed before starting to do a job.

So I could talk to them about what should be done and pricing. But what happen is that they sale you a duct service when you talk to them over the phone. Then when the get to you home the start coming up with a sale pitch that you need this done and this done. If and estimate was done you would know things up front instead of you trying to make a rush decision which is wrong for any business to do.

But I learn another hard lession in life they don't CARE. As alway; it always about the money and I see they are good in hiding information up front to get your money until they get in your house. If you ask customer service about other items like coil and blower cleaning they have no price over the phone. But if in your house they start doing the job you will learn they have a price then.

There sevices and items like the UV lamp are over priced if you let them do more then duct cleaning. I say to everyone do your home work first.

Do not, Do not trust them because the will try to get in your home and start working first that's the game plan to get comfortable. And know one will help you get any money back for over pricing you.


I too had the same exact experience, and they had the nerve to use my son who has asthma to work against me. They charged me more than you though!

I was also overcharged for air vents and my house is tiny. Since their light and cleaning my son and I have been ill (possibly mold) but he will be at the physician on Monday as the service was done Thursday. I tried for two days to speak to someone from the service in Lorton and was handed off and told they would call back.

I am furious. I canceled my bank account and returned their check until I received a certified technician from SEARS and not three men in a truck that could not communicate fully or give me answers I will fight with a lawyer.


I would not trust them for a minute with their Sears Cares line.

Take it from me, I use to work for Sears.

All that line does is forward it to the nearest Sears retail store and they are forced to deal with it. Even though the retail stores have nothing to do with the service you had.