I purchased Sears Elite Appliances; side by side refrigerator, slide in dual fuel range, and dishwasher for my new home in 2003. I realize that these appliances are a whopping 10 years old, but in ten years, I have compiled the following history of these gems: The diswasher and range were replaced within the warranty period because they were "broken" and unrepairable.

The refrigerator has been repaired 7 times...new icemaker, new icemaker line, new motors, new filters etc etc. all at my expense. When the through the door ice dispenser seized up, the service person I spoke to informed me that I would have to purchase a "whole new door for $1100.00 because there were no parts for them." My personal repairman (independent, not Sears, who I have on speed dial) was able to repair it. The motor on the dishwasher was replaced one month after the warranty ran out on the replacement dishwasher from the in warranty breakdown.

The pump has been replaced also. The range no longer has automatic ignition for the gas burners because removing the burners is too much of a *** shoot and can result in a $400. repair if the screws break off (which the repairman tells me, happens almost 100% of the time) The burners are currently being ignited with a butane match. Tonight, for reasons known only to the designer, the oven door locked and now will not open.

I actually am almost curious to see what else might happen with them, When I replace these horrors, I'm going to take them to the backyard beat them with a sledge hammer. Sears Service department is absolutely horrible.

They do not know their products and they give incorrect information about repairs. If Sears announces they are giving away appliances from their "Elite" line, run the other way.

Monetary Loss: $4800.

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