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I purchased a Kenmore electric hot water from Sears. One year later the relief value went bad. Seven month later the value went bad aging. The water heater was installed by sears The water heater was releasing 40 gallons of water into my crawl space everyday all day long, causing black mold to grow. I paid a plumber $175.00 to tell me that the water heater should not be sitting in water on the concrete. I contacted the sears executive compliant department on 11/2/12 and spoke with Rebecca Glavin at ext 28. I explained what happened and per Rebecca she will follow up with me on Monday. This is were the nightmare began. She was awful. This is the worse customer service I ever received.

On 11/6/12 I left a message for Rebecca at 10:30am and 12:20pm regarding my case.

On 11/7/12 I called two times I spoke with Gloria at 10:43am and Ashley at 3:15pm and they both sent Rebecca an e-mail asking her to call me back regarding my case before the sears tech arrives. The sears tech came and the water heater needs to be replaced. I called the water heater department and spoke with Mary her id# 250145. Per Mary the water heater would not be in stock until 11/19/12. The sears tech advised me to turn off all my electricity until the new water heater arrives on 11/19/12.

On 11/8/12 at 11:15am I left a message for Rebecca regarding the update of my case.

On 11/20/12 at 1:45pm I left a message for Rebecca to see if the water was in stock.

On 11/21/12 I left a message for Rebecca at 10:30am, 12:49pm and 2:03pm. That same day I spoke with Dawn and she stated that Rebecca was out to lunch and she would e-mail her asking her to call me back either today or by Friday. I never received a call back.

On 11/26/12 at 10:30am I left message for Rebecca to see if the water heater was in stock. I called back and spoke with Maureen. Per Maureen, Rebecca was ON HER WAY to break. I asked for another caseworker or a supervisor. Per Maureen it does not work like that. I just have to wait for Rebecca to call me back. She did not help me and she would not transfer me to a supervisor.

I called back at 11:10am and spoke with Anthony. He e-mailed the water heater and Rebecca and someone will call me back in 24hours.

On 11/28/12 at 9:30am I spoke Carol and she stated that the water heater was in stock but I had to pay $289.99 before she could place the order. I left a message for Rebecca regarding my case.

On 11/29/12 at 9:55am I left a message for Rebecca regarding my case. I also left a message on ext 21 about the problems I am having with Rebecca. About an hour later I called the 800 number and I got Rebecca by accident. FINALLY she set up an appointment for the water heater to be delivered. Per Rebecca they will drop it off in my driveway on 12/5/12 unless I am willing to pay $279.99 to have it installed again and that is the best that they can do. I was extremely disappointed with the executive customer service department.

Monetary Loss: $7200.

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