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This is an update to my experience with the maintenance warranty company noted in a previous update.Although this maintenance warranty does replace appliances that are not repairable, I would warn you on the contractors they send out to your home.

I have found some to lack ethics and quality workmanship. I would not buy anything they are selling. They seem to augment their earnings by selling useless and non-needed products and services. I would just tell them flatly no.

I would also require proof of a license for the discipline they are working on. Air Conditioning license for AC work. Electrical license for electrical work. I would, where necessary, require them to provide proof of a permit whose cost is covered by the maintenance company on installations and full replacements.

If you have a problem call the President of the company. Do not waste your time speaking to their Customer Service Department. Most company Customer Service Departments are ineffective to resolve problems or better to change the culture or structure to affect lasting change. Overall this company, which I choose not to endorse by name, but to encourage all Sears Maintenance Customers to do their homework and seek out an alternative to Sears because Edward Lampert and Sears leadership has no intent in providing Customer Service.

I have yet to receive a call from any of Sears' Leadership.

Consumers need to make service companies accountable by taking their legitimate complaints to the CEO or President.Require them to make you whole and to change their practices and contracts that enable bad outcome, such as, unqualified contractors, contractor reward and compensation systems that discourage appliance replacements or contractors from doing best for the customer.

Original review posted by user Mar 06, 2012

Sears Holding Corporation (SHLD)

CEO/President, Louis D'Ambrosio,

Chairman, Edward S. Lampert,

Divisional Vice President, Brian Carey,

My family has been a loyal customer of Sears for several generations. Our purchases have included many of the services and products offered throughout the years, such as, appliances, clothing, tools, tractor, auto services, tires, batteries, home improvement and Master Protection Agreements(MPAs). I hope to access through this communication those responsible for preserving the Sears Brand advanced by its emphasis on Customer Satisfaction and the inherent value it brings to its stockholders.

Early this year, I had a Energy Adviser from my utility company conduct an energy audit. Upon examining my air conditioner he advised that the dirt and mildew in and outside of the unit represented a health risk. I shared with him that the units have been cared for by Sears through its Master Protection Agreement (MPA) for over 14 years. He advised that a properly maintained unit should not have dirt, bacteria and mildew growing. As the images show dirt and mildew is evident outside and inside the unit.

I initiated the first of four opportunities for Sears to clean the unit with the first attempt on, February 9. A total of four different technicians examined or attempted to clean the areas in question and concluded that due to the age of the unit and dirt that had accumulated further cleaning is not possible. Yet the pictures I sent show dirt and mildew despite their efforts.

Upon realizing that these attempts by the technicians were not resolving the problem, I initiated a call first to the Resolution Hotline then to Sears' CEO Louis D'Ambrosio. I was forwarded to an, "Executive Customer Service Manager", who after sending another technician and researching the issue concluded on replacing the unit. On February 17, she initiated a service call to have a technician verify the model number and specifications so that she can replace the unit. On February 24, she recanted and advised me that Sears will not replace nor make any further efforts to properly resolve the problem since the Local Service Center indicated that the black stains in and out of the unit were not mildew but dirt. I asked whether she would like me to send her pictures and she proceeded to indicate her decision was final. I then took pictures and forwarded them so that she can independently make a decision. After several attempts to confirm receipt and consideration of the images she finally responded by reminding me that her decision was final and any further attempt to communicate with anyone at Sears will be funneled to her and only her. So when I attempted to seek help through MySearsCommunity, I received a call from her with the same poor response and reminder that she will continue to call me if I tried to communicate my concern through other channels. Given the lack of consistency and independence, and the poor attitude shown by this person, any future communication by her will be interpreted as harassment.

Many generations have presided over this great company with an emphasis in Customer Satisfaction. Sears built a reputation for providing quality products and services to the guaranteed satisfaction of its customer. This served the company well as generations after generations have poured in their hard earn money because they knew Sears met their commitments and provided service excellence. I too have brought into that expectation for over forty years with many purchases and referrals to Sears especially for their Master Protection Agreement /Service Maintenance Agreement programs. I trusted Sears to properly maintain and care for my A/C unit and it let me down. I write to you to seek your assistance on my complaint and your need to foster better customer service in your Executive Office. As a long term holder of Sears Shares, I also ask that you preserve that Sears Brand as so many Executives before you have and the value and goodwill to the company's Balance Sheet.

Your follow-through is greatly appreciated.


Case Number #3941815

Review about: Sears Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Why would anyone be surprised by Sears' horrible customer service, they obviously have fallen to one of the worse companies in America.

London, London, United Kingdom #969681

Sears you are hanging by a thread the only good thing you have is joe boxer clothing

Van Wert, Ohio, United States #969680

Sears you *** *** suck you made kmart go straight to *** im not driving 40 miles to kmart you shouldve kept the decatur indiana one opened im not shopping online

Bay Shore, New York, United States #864653

My name is XXXXXXXXXXXXX and I am a card holder with Sears for 20 years, over the past 20 years I have dealt with Sears in many times, spending thousands of dollars.On August 11, 2014 I purchased a work bench for a new $40,000.00 garage built on my home.

After waiting three weeks long then the expected shipping time the product came in. ( 7 peace's making up the bench and cabinet ) Most every item was bent, to the point of returning the items to the store only to get the new shipment arriving in the same condition. I attempted to call the store and work it out, the manager as well as the associates were no help at all with very little retail experience, and or customer service. I then attempted to call Sears and met with operator "105" with a real bad attitude.

I now attempt to contact you via E-Mail. These items took me eight hours to assemble and required doing it twice, once from the first shipment, and then again the second shipment.

All I ask is that I be treated correctly and that the item be marked down only after carefully inspection by a manager of the store.I can not rebuild this bench and exhaust another eight hours or receive another damaged shipment.



I have terminated my Service Contract with Sears on my Air Conditioner and other appliances.I have replaced them with a competitor.

This competitor is less expensive and has exceeded my expectations regarding service response and replacement. I can share that they provide whole house coverage at approximately, $60 per month, instead of Sears per appliance contract. Although they do charge a service fee for each service call,$75, there are no other charges for the repair and/or replacement. I have had this contract for some time to evaluate it before providing an evaluation.

Within a 18 month period they have repaired three of my appliances and replaced two. Their service response is faster than Sears.

I share this to support those comments that encourage readers to vote with their feet by walking away or boycotting Sears.At the same time I wish to provide Sears insight to what works, if not, to provide loyal customers, employees and investors further reason to leave this formaly great company before the assets are totally stripped by the vultures.


I work for sears.First of all I would like to apologize to the poster for his bad experience with sears.

Secondly, Sears is not a real company anymore. It is just a collection of assets being sold off one by one.

That is why senior management doesn't care anymore.You cant put sears out of business, sears is lampert is putting it out of business, intentionally.

to Anonymous #823751

I agree with you completely. Greed...


lets all get together and boycott sears and put

them out of business..that way they can't cheat people

out of there hard earned money...lets do it......lets

get the media involved first


sears use to be top of the line store!now it's not.

you have to be careful on who you put in to repersent

your business because that one back apple can spoil

the whole barrel...

your reps are awful.but l will get intouch with someone who can help me with my situation....trust and beleive.


We are deeply disappointed that you show that Joe Boxer jingle bell commercial with those men.Shame on Kmart.

Whoever approved that commercial should be fired.Kmart not a family store.

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