I bouth a cordless screw gun from sears with a extened warentee contract. It burned out, I returned it to them for a replacement.

They gave me a new one. The new one burned out within the 2 year contract. I returned it to Sears and they said they would no replace it again. The service contract I perchased was good for one piece of junk and not two.

I feel like I got screwed on a screw gun,by the big dogs!! I talked to there main headquarters in Hoffmen Estates Ill.

but that was like talken to the wall. My advice, DON'Tshop at Kmart or SEARS need any more on this matter I can be reached at patzimmerman@peoplepc.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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Kent, England, United Kingdom #18105

Forgot to add that the sales associate should've taken back the first driver under the manufacturers warranty if it applied.Most portable power comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.In most cases you get at least 2-3 exchanges under the original warranty.After the that they give you a warning/consider the item being abused or used commercially.

You might have been able to get the first or second exchange under the original manufacturer's warranty you get for free then the next exchange could've been taken under the replacement agreement you paid for.

Again most employees don't understand or read these things and with the pressure to sell most will just barge ahead without explaining or learning about what they are selling.

One last note if this is for commercial use and the employee knew that they had NO business selling it to you.

Kent, England, United Kingdom #18098

Afraid Mortimer is right.But I also know that many Sears Associates & MANAGEMENT do NOT know the terms of a Replacement Agreement.

Not only are the agreements a ONE time replacement they run 15 months past the expiration of fhe manufacturers warranty.If it's 90 days you only get 18 months coverage.

Unlimited replacements and 2 years of coverage are a common misconception amongst the EMPLOYEES.

Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #16710

The story would be sad, if not for the hilarity of the bad spelling and grammar.

No wonder you feel screwed; you don't know how to read the agreement when it said ONE replacement. What an imbecile.

The exchange agreement was only good on the original power driver.

Since you traded that one in, you were done. And if you're going to use your power tools to continually repair the floorboards in your double-wide, you really should look into getting some commercial-grade tools.

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