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Although we pay over $300.00 a year for the warranty for all our Sears products, now when we need it to repair our microwave we are told it is going to take almost 2 months to repair it. This is a top of the line microwave and we have come to depend on it.

The warranty seems to be a scam; when people sign up for that service they reasonably assume it will be within a few days.

Both the CSR and the repairman agree that this is not uncommon. Neither "can" provide a loaner despite the unreasonable wait.

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I guess you haven't found out yet that although you may be allowed rental reimbursement if your microwave isn't going to be ready by the promised time (usually not until after 7 days), there is no one out there that rents microwaves any more. I have not been able to get a Sears rep to admit that.