Interested in Samsung French door fridge. No price posted on item, salesperson looked up in computer, said was $1329.

for today only, if we waited till tomorrow it would be $1399.99 and if we opened a Sears account since we did not have one we would get an additional $66.00 off which would pay for the delivery since they do not offer it on their major purchases like most retailers. When it came time to set up delivery they said if we wanted early morn./late evening because we both work there would be an additional $19.99 fee. So we picked Friday since we would be available all day and they said on Friday they only offered the early/late delivery so we would have to pay the extra fee anyway. Sales person was very nice called store manage to see if could waive fee, said no, store policy.

We said forget it and walked out, never plan on going back.

First time in over 30 years we attempted to make a major purchase with this store and we don't ever plan on it again. they deserve to go out of business for thinking people are such idiots.

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Sounds like you're unhappy because they didn't bend over for you. Hah. Clearly the customer is not always right


They never offer free delivery anymore !! Not the best place to buy a large appliance at all.

At least not like they used to be. Actually I believe the salesperson was nice for trying to get you free delivery. Hopefully they price-matched for you. Most sears employees are penalized in their commission for the month if they are over a certain price-match percentage.

So they very rarely are looking out for your best interest. Don't be pissed you made a good decision.

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