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I decided to order it online since I am 3 states away. I found the website very frustrating and trying to determine which ones had glass shelves. On some ads it was in one place then on the next it wasn't so there is no consistency. Also I was trying to use a discount code and I couldn’t get it to work so I called and spent 2 hours (combined) of vacation time on the phone trying to sort it all out. They ended up saying it was easier to cancel the purchase than to try and alter the order. So they cancelled it and I had to resubmit it again. When I went back in I must have clicked on the wrong one not surprised. But, again it is very hard to tell from the pictures and even harder to tell with the scattered wording in the text on your website which one was the correct model.

Part of this blow were my Mom's notes.

Whirlpool Refrigerator delivered today, June 2, 2016, at 9:00 am. Nice delivery guys. They were careful.



I saw that it has wire shelves and I told Angela that.

Angela called to get it exchanged it for one with glass shelves.

Person called, could hardly understand, and said delivery would be August 4th. Person in Philippines. Two months ?!

She gave me a number 1-800-732-7747 to see if one could be delivered sooner.

I called the number, could hardly understand, also in Philippines , and she said it would be August 4th.

I called Meadowood Mall Sears, 829-6200, and spoke to Kip. He said he didn’t see why it would be so long either. Said there was a model that was regularly $899.00 but was $699.00 and it could be delivered sooner. We talked and he said he’d call back after I talked to Angela.

I called Angela to tell her the situation. She gave me the number 1-800-349-4358 where she talked to Eve.

I called and no Eve but I talked to Rosette, also in Philippines.

Same results. No reason given for a two month delay but that was it.

Kip then calls back and we examine ones available on and he looks at the original order and all. Results are the refrigerator will be delivered August 4th. Black, no ice dispenser, glass shelves. No shipping charges. Cost $651.33. He said the original order showed shipping charges of $69.00, which shouldn’t have been charged.

6-3-16 I called 1-800-349-4358 talked to Ersa then to Katie (case manager) I told her I talked to Eve on 6-2-16 and we had arranged to have the correct refrigerator delivered. Eve said someone would call and have them swapped out. Apparently there was a mix up in the notes that Eve made on the account. She said that it was just going to be the replacement shelves. I told her that Eve told me that they could not do it and to swap it out with the other model that had the glass.

Katie said she needed to check with her dispatchers and she got back on the phone and said that they would be there on Saturday 6-4-16 I was surprised and happy that she was able to finally get it all straightened out. She said they would be there to pick it up and they would call before they got there. I confirmed that they were going to bring the new one right? She said no. I said ok well please just put it on hold so I can call a different company and see if I can find a refrigerator that could be delivered that soon. She gave me what she said was the “hotline” number 1800-349-4359 which was not a hotline number it is just the online return number.

So I scrambled to find another fridge so my Mom does not have to go without one for nearly a week. I finally found the perfect one at Home Depot for much less price and they will be delivering it next Friday. I called back the “hotline” number and ask if they can pick up the return on Friday and they said “it looks like you have an order that will be delivered August 4th. I said no… this is to pick up the refrigerator for return ONLY. Mix up after mix up, miscommunication, sub par web design (my opinion) and questionable customer service. I am so surprised and shocked that instead of solving the problem that your representative just basically said – “fine we will just come and get it”

It is unbelievable to me what a cluster it was to deal with Sears. My Mom, my family and me have all been lifelong customers and we have never had such a terrible experience. And after all of this the resolution is not to find the correct the problem with the refrigerator but to just come and get the fridge and leave a very unhappy, frustrated customer to find another refrigerator from another company.

Thank goodness for HOME DEPOT because SEARS FAILED us completely on EVERY LEVEL.

In 2014 Sears has 793 stores in the US, Canada and Mexico. Are you seriously telling me that in all those stores that you could not find one 18 cu foot refrigerator (black) with glass shelves in less than 2 months?

The earth is 24,091.55 miles around divided by 65 miles per hour. Leaves 383 hours or 15.9 days. So are you telling me that I could drive around the world 4 times before you could remedy the situation?

My Mom needs a new washing machine, I need a new dishwasher and believe me Sears is the last place we are going to go when we buy them.

I frankly am ashamed of how you dealt with the entire situation. Sears used to be the standard that everyone else had to live up to – but now honestly I can see that you have let everything go downhill in an epic way.

I am going to send this letter to everyone I can imagine. You need to correct the way you deal with customers. Otherwise you will be a part of the past and not a solid company anymore. Sears has obviously gone down hill over the years - and I can see why now.

A very unhappy customer,

Angela Borgen

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Terrible customer service.

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