Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Sears Rep: December 18, 2012

On Saturday, of last weekend (12/15/12), my daughter, Jane Doe, purchased a stove and a refrigerator at your Des Moines Southridge store. The appliances were delivered as scheduled on Tuesday, 12/18. A problem arose with the installation of the gas range because the gas fitting at the house did not match the fitting on the range hose line. I was present during the delivery and he said that he could not hook it up. I asked him if I could get the correct part at the local hardware store so he could finish the hook-up. He stated that yes the store should have the correct fitting. He handed me two fittings and told me what I should ask for. I asked the gentleman if this was going to hinder his delivery schedule for the day and he assured me that it would not.

I drove to the hardware store and was waited on by the owner. Somewhere in our conversation confusion arose as to what size of fitting was required to complete the work. He said he would be glad to talk to the installer to try and clear this up. I called Jane and she put the installation man on the phone and the two talked. At that point things started going from bad to worse. Some very pointed words were spoken between the two and the hardware store owner suddenly looked at me funny and said they got “disconnected.” I gathered from watching and listening to the conversation that we both thought that your delivery person hung up on him. This was later confirmed by my daughter.

I left the store and drove back to my daughter’s house to find your three delivery people in the process of leaving after Jane signed the delivery forms with the stove still setting in the kitchen unattached. Jane of course was very upset and told her mom and me that he basically told her she would have to get the part herself and someone could come back to finish the work. She also stated that he was very rude.

My wife and I after discussing the situation were also upset. We had paid $15.00 extra for the gas line and at that point during the sale my daughter assumed that meant that it would be correctly installed.

After two phone calls to Sears’ 800 number, one by Jane and one by me, we found out that there was nothing more Sears could do and she is responsible to find the correct part.

The problem is that the original owner of the house had jury-rigged the fitting with the

installation of the original stove. In addition to your 800 service personnel I also talked with an employee in the Southridge store appliance Department. This gentleman was very courteous and did try and help solve the problem by talking to the delivery manager. He as well was unable to solve the problem and stressed again that the customer needs to find this mystery part. Before I thanked him for trying I asked him whether he felt Sears had any obligation to make this right by my daughter and he, with no hesitation said “no.” At that point I left.

I drove back to Jane’s house and for the first time stepped behind the stove and evaluated the connection problem. I figured out the problem and I now know the kind of gas fitting to make this work. Tomorrow morning I will try and find the part and fix the problem.

My point is that I have a daughter who is so upset that she will never step foot in another Sears store again and she will probably tell all her friends and relatives the same. She also has a girlfriend living with her who has three young girls that need to eat and a door stop for a stove.

I am asking again if your company cares to resolve this problem. We cannot directly call the local store and ask to talk to anyone at a level high enough to act on this problem because we always get connected to your 800 line. If you chose to resolve this issue, I please request you do not send the original installer to my daughter’s home as she was very intimidated by their last conversation; he is definitely not welcome in her home again.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Doe

Des Moines, IA

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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