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I place an order with the sears outlet store online, March 1, 2012 for a washer and dryer. Before completing my order, I called each warehouse where the items were located to verify that they were available and in good condition. Once that was done, I scheduled my delivery for earliest time available (March 22, 2012). On March 20th, I received a phone call confirming my delivery for the 22nd and that I would receive another call the evening before delivery confirming a delivery window. On March 21st, I received the second phone call with a delivery time of 2-4 pm. My husband and I both took the entire day off to prepare for delivery. No one ever showed up. By 5 pm, I was calling trying to see what happened. I was first told that my scheduled delivery was not until March 29th (which wasn't true, and I have an email confirmation) and then I was told that one item had been delivered but the other wouldn't arrive until March 29th. That wasn't true either. No one had shown up at my house. I was then put in touch with the local delivery warehouse driver, since they swore my items were at the warehouse. He told me they never showed up.

Of course, I made numerous phone calls and could never get a straight answer. I finally sent an email and given a "discount" of $57.86. This was a complete insult considering I spent almost $1800 (including $422 in shipping) and I voiced that. I was completely blown off. So...I decide to wait until my "promised" scheduled delivery of March 29th. I received a phone call on March 27th, confirming my scheduled delivery date of March 29th. Then a second phone call on March 28th with the delivery window of 12:30-2:30 pm. Once again, I *** work to wait for my washer and dryer. Guess who never shows up? At 4:30 I start making phone calls. I first called the delivery driver (since I had his personal phone number) to see if he was running late - he never answered. I called a few other numbers and each time I was told we can't help with that and was given a different number to call. When I finally did get someone on the phone, he told me my order had been cancelled! At first he tried to tell me that I cancelled the order. Then he said it was due to error or discrepancy and that's all he could find in the system. He put me on hold to call the warehouse and I was "conveniently" disconnected. Of course, I call back.

I finally get a lady on the phone who's willing to help me...she tells me the same thing. My order was cancelled, but she can't determine why. The only thing she knew was that my items made it to the warehouse and the delivery warehouse cancelled the order and upon cancellation an immediate credit was issued. I informed her that when I ordered the washer and dryer online, I received a call from the warehouse where the washer was being shipped. The guy there, again confirmed that the machine was there and in good condition and was being prepared to be shipped. I ended up purchasing a pedestal from him over the phone to be shipped with the washer. Since I did not buy it through the online store, I was told to give him a call directly to request a refund.

I gave him a call, explained to him all that had happened and asked for the refund. He was dumbfounded. It had been almost a month since I placed the order, he just assumed I had it since it was indeed shipped. He began reading notes and I heard him say that "customer was notified that items were on back order". First that wasn't true because up until I started making phone calls and sending emails on my own, no one kept in touch with me about the status of my order. Every time I checked it online, it said "processing". I even checked it tonight...."processing". Secondly, I called each warehouse before placing the order to be sure the washer and dryer were available and they were. Thirdly, I purchased floor models. How can floor models be on back order? He apologized for the confusion and processed a refund for the pedestal. I received an email a short time later confirming the credit and it posted to my account yesterday. That night I received a phone call from the delivery driver, he again told me that my items never arrived.

Mind you, since my order was supposedly cancelled by the warehouse, a credit should have already been issued for the washer and dryer. Well, I didn't see it on my account yesterday but didn't think much about it until I received a phone call from a guy where my dryer was shipped from. He guaranteed me that my dryer WAS at the local warehouse for delivery and he doesn't know why they had not delivered it to me. So, he wants to call himself and see what the problem is. By then I'm fuming. I send another email to customer service "updating" them on all that has gone on because apparently they lack communication. My email is ignored. I politely let them know that not only did I want my refund, I wanted to file a former complaint and will go to the attorney general and better business bureau. Less than 5 minutes after sending that email, I get another phone call from the guy in the OR warehouse telling me that although my order arrived at the local warehouse for delivery, an electronic glitch occurred that accidentally cancelled my order and there was nothing they could do and he would be issuing me an immediate refund (the same refund that should have already been processed last week). I looked at my account tonight, and there's a refund but it's not for the full amount.

Once again, I send another email asking what the status was on the rest. At this point, I just want the world to know how bad their service is. I was given the runaround so many times, I lost count! I've been trying to file a complaint the the BBB but I need an address and of course they don't provide that. This entire ordeal has been frustrating to say the least! I feel like they (customer service reps) have been told not to communicate with me. My honest and true feelings: I believe that even though I called to confirm the washer and dryer were available, they were sold to someone else after I purchased then online and never shipped to me.

Pissed, is an understatement!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

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