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sears charged my credit card $275.00 to fix a ice maker in my refrigerator. they come from 8-5 & you need to wait 10-14 days.First repair man put a new part in and it worked for less than 24 hrs.

called Sears repair and they said I had to wait 3 days and call back -their policy. Did that, second repair man came 10 days later said he fixed it and it never made one ice cube. Called for third time-sent a sr. tech.

10 days later-he was nasty, rude and spent over an hour. said his testers said it was working and left. Also threatened a member of the family before leaving.Sears refuses to let me speak to a member of mgt.

or supv. don't ever use Sears for repairs-it is a nightmare

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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And when your disputing the charge, you can also print out other complaints from other people, and send that to the bank, and corporate, so they know its a pattern. there is multiple people on here with the same or similar complaint.


I work for a bank in the claims department. All you have to do is file a claim for defective service, and sears will pretty much have to prove that they did fix your machine (contracts, paper work w/ signature etc) You may also have to get a second opinion letter from another person in that field stating services were not rendering and they had to complete the job.

let ur bank deal with it.

make sure you write the bankk a good letter explaining the situation, be detailed and write names if u have it. I would also forward a copy of the letter ur sending ur bank, to corporate so they know exactly what happen, on what days, who u spoke to, and why your disputing the charge.


Grandma, I agree with "seared" - go to corporate headquarters, but, first tell your credit card company to reverse the charges. THen put complaint(s) in writing and send to home office certified mail; while sending an additional copy to your screwed up customer service departament.

Don't rage, simply state the facts: dates, tech names (if you have them) fact that problem is not fixed, the fact that they won't let you talk to supervisor (because the supervisor probably instructed them not to put calls through, which means they are a poor employee) If your ice maker also still doesn't work then - PLS CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND INSURANCE for your state. Go online and enter search: (state) department of commerce and insurance. For example, I live in Tennessee and the TN department of commerce and insurance helps people in your situation. You file a complaint and they investigate.

Many companies fold instantly upon receiving notification from the Comm & Ins that they are investigating a complaint, because that is a government agency that can issue fines, etc.



Hearing what the threat was, and what led up to the threat being made would probably be very enlightening. Since you didn't post it here, I'm guessing it would have made you, not Sears, look bad. So you left that bit out.


Sounds like you need to go directly to corporate headquarters in Hoffman Estates Illinios.The number is on their website.

What was the member of your family threatend for.Service or any Sears employee are the ones paid to be calm and polite.

I'd right a calm letter to corporate with as much detail as possible.Use any information on paperwork such as the tech number or name,times,dates,what they did,terminology.Don't get into a whizing contest simply state the problems with the service and techs.