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I ordered a waffle iron from Sears December 1st. You confirmed the order and a delivery date of December 15. You processed a payment through my Visa December 5th.

No delivery was made and no updates were provided by Sears. After spending the day waiting, I called Sears at the end of the day December 15 and was advised that the order was now being shipped by UPS. The person on the phone had no idea when I would hear from UPS, when or even IF it would be delivered. In fact, she was completely useless.

Repeated calls to Sears, each time being told that they couldn't provide a tracing number, so too bad for me. Maybe I would get this and maybe I wouldn't. They had absolutely zero information and offered zero help. And of course this major Christmas present didn't make it for Christmas. In fact it never materialized.

Now I've got to try to get my money back... but they won't even consider that until they are 10 business days late with their delivery. Even though they admit they are in the wrong here.

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