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After buying a dishwasher from Sears and waiting and waiting for it to be delivered and installed (which is a completely different and very problemmatic/ridiculous experience), I had a huge issue with the Sears Credit Card Services team. My father purchased the dishwasher for me, using a new card that he got while at a Sears store. He purchased the item because we got a 10% discount using the Sears card. Well, we had these issues with delivery - so we tried to cancel the order and start a new order - as that seemed to be the only way to get the delivery straightened out (again - Sears has MAJOR problems everywhere). But, we could not do this on the phone - and my father was told he had to go to the same store where he purchased the dishwasher. But, he could not because he was far from his home. So, we called and called the Credit Card line - They insisted on getting his FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and his FULL BIRTHDATE. He ultimately provided it to them only to have them tell him 'sorry, we cannot give you your credit card number'. You have to wait and get it in the mail. Well, he was not going to be home to get it in the mail any time soon. So, aside from the fact that Sears itself cannot take and order and re-create/re-route the order and do many other customer-centric things, the Credit Team - which, by the way, is run by Citi - requires that every customer who seeks information on their account provide all the complete private information that one has that is needed for someone to infringe on our privacy. I am still stunned that they asked and made my father give his private information and then, upon receipt of this information, still failed to provide the information my father - their customer - needed of them. I find Sears and Citi to be incredibly arrogant. To top it off, I have written to the CEO and head of 'Shopping Experience' for Sears. Neither has written me back. And, they forwarded my note to Citi who basically told me they care about the privacy of their customers and they failed to address my request to provide my dad with privacy protection/fraud protection for one year.

We tore up the card and I will never shop at Sears again. I am still trying to work my way through the companies to get someone to acknowledge their fault and I will keep going higher and higher until I do.


Monetary Loss: $800.

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