Tyler, Texas

SEARS will not take my number OFF of their call list and they will not deliver my appliance. I am getting harassed by the phone number 1-888-567-3452 and I am starting to lose my mind.

I have already called my attorney generals office and I will be forced to call the police if the calls do not stop. I ordered a part in November and clearly Sears is stealing it from me and not going to be sending it!!! Soooo, STOP calling. I HATE SEARS and am going on EVERY complaint forum to plea my case.

DO NOT CALL MY PHONE NUMBER, you are waking up my baby's...even on SUNDAY. I do not want to change mu number, but I may be forced to.

This is not very professional on SEARS' part!!! I want my appliance, considering it has been paid for, STOP STEALING from mE!!!

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The Sears Automated Phone System is the most *** system I never experienced that simply drive customer crazy! I were in an endless Re-Schedules NIGHTMARE over 6 weeks!!!!! The worst is every day, Sears Automated Phone System (888-567-3452) called us saying, your scheduled delivery and install has been delayed. You need to call back to RE-SCHEDULE!

We called, confirmed the re-scheduled date.

The next day, the Automated Phone System will call and left the same message again 3 days in a row! We have been treated with RE-SCHEDULE over and over since last year November 29th!!! Is that still not enough?! I called them and told them stop calling us if there is no change for the next appointment, they said that's how the system setup,, it may keep calling until the next schedule.


Sears has zero customer care. It is working as *** auto system!


You sound like a drunk. What is the point of your rambling again?