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What\'s with the changes in the punctuation that wasn\'t in the original submission? I didn\'t put in question marks, double periods and misplaced quotation marks.

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After seeing a refrigerator advertised for $740 I clicked on it to order. The price jumped to $899.

I spoke with Brenda and her supervisor Kim, who told me that the sale ended yesterday. I showed them the advertised price on the website, but they will not honor it. Kim said that they were legally covered by the disclaimer on the site. This is one of the poorest excuses for "customer service" that I have seen.

They say an item was on sale yesterday, they still advertise it for that price, but refuse to honor it and try to charge an extra $158.

This shows that Sears has no honor. For this reason I will not be shopping there (or K-Mart, the same corporation) and will be telling everyone else I contact in person and the Internet about the lack of integrity at Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

Monetary Loss: $158.

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Yup, this is obviously common practice for these corporate *** nowadays. A likely good reason tons of Sears and K-Marts have closed down nation-wide.

I encountered the EXACT same thing, went round and round with the girl on the phone, and then with her "immediate supervisor". The long long story ended up being this: They falsely advertise and use the "bait and switch" scam. You see the price which I took pictures and screenshots as well of, and I even made them follow me on THEIR OWN WEBSITE, and led them RIGHT TO the item that was listed as $199.99. When you clicked on it to get more info or to purchase it, it jumped up $20!!!

They said "Oh, I'm sorry...we can't sell it for the lower price and will submit the error to their IT Dept. for review. REALLY!? Review???

YOU POSTED THE PRICE, IT'S ON YOUR SEARS.COM SITE, and YOU tell me you can't sell it to me for the lower listed price! UNBELIEVABLE! NEVER EVER AGAIN SEARS. We've spent many thousands and thousands over the years with your company, but that trend ends NOW!

I will also tell everyone I possibly can about your scam, but it appears it already isn't too much of a secret, as a quick search on Google will turn up lots and lots of sites just like this one with people who have experienced this same terrible corrupt way of "doing business". I guess they are doing so badly these days, that they feel they have to CHEAT to stay in business. Well, I tell you this Sears, you are gonna be gone soon, and I'll be glad when you are. Just all the major corporations of today that USED to be built on customer service, quality care, and good ethics have been destroyed by the GREED!

Goodbye Sears, hope you go under for good. You deserve it 110% I hope everyone that reads this passes it along to everyone you know.

It's the only way of stopping these behemoths from screwing the very customers who keep them in business. They all seem to have forgotten that one simple concept!


I still haven't heard from Sears regarding the complaint I sent directly to them through their website. This only verifies that my opinion about their lack of service and integrity is correct. I went to Lowes and got a better deal.


You are correct! Terrible service, they falsely price items lower than they are, and they could care less. Boycott them!



I don't believe that Sears values my business. The only reason you responded to my posting here is to try to make Sears look like the responsive company it should be, but isn't. Two people in your organization had the opportunity to make it right and chose not to.

It really doesn't matter to me if they contact me or not. I have decided to stop doing business with Sears and all of their affiliates. By not honoring their advertised price that they claim expired a few hours before I tried to place my order, even though it was still advertised on their website, they have shown me that they are not the type of company that I want to support. They may have a disclaimer that protects them legally, but it doesn't earn them a favorable reputation. I will take my money elsewhere. This poor decision by Sears will end up costing them many times the $158 they tried to raise the price.


To Jsl55,

only if you tie your complaint to this screen name will they be able to work the issue for you.


If you bothered to read the complaints sent directly to your company's website, you would already have my contact number.

Sears Response

To Jsl55,

I'm sorry for the negative experience you had ordering for and with our customer service representatives. We do value your business and would like the opportunity to make this right. My name is James and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears. At your convenience, please contact our office at Please send us an email providing a contact phone number and the screen name (Jsl55) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

James H.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support