On 12/29/07 – my husband and I were in Sears in Boise, Idaho. A nice sales associate named Seth helped us out. Seth mentioned to my husband that there was this great tool combo on sale on Sears.com that weekend only. We paid for the Craftsman 673 pc tool set and tool storage combo bundle and were awaiting our tools.

We took the receipt from the store and called questioning the status of this order a few days later. First I was told due to the holiday rush – it would take a couple of extra days. Then I was told that everything was fine – the entire bundle would be shipped. Next I was told that Seth must have pushed a wrong button because the tools were not on the order – this was offensive because there was 1 Add To Cart button. The next phone call I was told my order was hung up in the credit department, then I finally received my order confirmation. I called the store’s General Manager who assured me he would look into it. Two days later I get a call from Ricky – a manager at Sears stating that he had spoke with his buyer and tools were no longer available and I should call Sears Consumer relations.

I called the GM at the store who told me I should review the TERMS OF USE link on the website which was interesting because his associate sold us the merchandise and call Consumer Relations. I did ask the GM if Sears only customer service was telling me to read a disclaimer, he stated basically it was! I then called consumer relations and spoke with a VERY RUDE supervisor named Gail – who offered to sell me one of the tool sets for $699.00 (apparently they were in stock). This lady actually said to me “you don’t expect us to honor this bundle price – do you?” My answer was yes because it was advertised that way.( The associate at the store told us about it the GREAT sale – and the store associate processed our order.)

Gail – the Consumer Relations Supervisor said that the ad was an error and “What part of what she said did I not understand”.

I asked for a substitute product – and was told no. I have never seen quite a scam like this or have I been spoke to in the manner Gail spoke to me . From the store, to the website, then to consumer relations – I was sold a product, given every answer in the book as to why I didn’t receive the product and spoke to COMPLETELY unacceptable manner….

Oh yes and told to read the fine print. No email of error in advertising – just basically too bad...and Gail did offer me the tool chest that was canceled at full price. She did however offer me a 5% discount.

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On 4/11/09 a Sears2Go.com ad came out listing a 1468pc. tool set and storage combo model # CO505 for $494.99.

On 4/13/09, the last day of the sale I tried unsuccessfully to buy it for this price. I was told it was an error and the price would not be honored. On 4/14/09 the price on Sears2Go.com was changed to $549.99. I emailed them to see if this was another mistake but got no response.

On 4/15/09 I tried again to buy it but they would not deliver on the price. I contacted PriceMatch Sears who said they would not honor the price. On 4/15/09 I received an email from PriceMatch that stated after reviewing my emails they determined a Sears2Go pricing error occurred. They apologized and instructed me to place my order, respond to the email with the confirmation number, and a price adjustment would be made honoring the ad.

After placing my order on 4/16/09 and emailing them back I received another email on 4/17/09 stating the order had been cancelled and the offer had been retracted. However, as of 4/18/09 my money has not been returned.

They stated pricing errors were rare and unintentional but posting 5 different prices on that web site in one week is not rare and emailing me stating I could buy it at this price was not unintentional. They are practicing false advertising and taking my money for a product they do not intend to deliver.

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #23730

maybe you didn't actually READ my comment - I WAS at the store - it was NOT sold out at that time. This isn't brain surgery and I'm not lieing to get what I want - I simply want was I was SOLD AT THE STORE.

Tanner, Alabama, United States #21732

and people always accuse bait and switch..when not all stores carry the same thing. smaller stores cant carry what big stores do and some things do get sold out before you get there. and people will always lie about their experience just because they got angry and didnt get what they wanted..

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