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While looking for a new TV, I came across a Seiki 22" LCD TV for $117.00. When I attempted to purchase it, the price came up as $169.

I have called and emailed customer service and they refuse to sell the TV for their advertised price. They offered a much smaller TV for a non-discounted price to attempt to please me. They admitted in an email that the $117 price was a promotional price that had expired, they just failed to update the site.

If this was a promotional price, then simply honor what you advertised....or is this the old bait and switch to get me to buy a smaller TV at almost the same price.

So far, they feel that it is OK to advertise something and simply not honor it, I do not think this is ok.

Cheating a consumer out of $52 through false advertising is unacceptable. If they continue to refuse to honor THEIR pricing, I will never shop at sears again, and I assure you, that will cost them much more than $52 as I shop with them quite often.

I have PDF's of the advertisement that I have shared with them as proof.


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If you go to the very bottom of the PDF, under "compare this product, you will see the same TV advertised at $117

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