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Several years ago I purchased a 3-1/2 ton full size floor jack from Sears. On taking it home, it wouldn't lift my wife's Toyota Rav4. I took it back right away and they exchanged it for a new one. I have used the new one only 10-15 times and now it won't lift my Toyota Tacoma Pickup or my wife's Acura MDX.

Since the jack is out of warranty I called Sears' repair center in Providence, RI for a repair quote and they told me that as a policy, they don't repair floor jacks. Expecting a little more help than that, I asked the service rep "So I paid $100 for this jack and now I have to throw it away?" She replied "I guess so."

I am not happy with this product or the support (or lack thereof) on the part of Sears. Anyone who looks at this jack in my garage can plainly see that it is nearly brand new. I appreciate the fact that the unit is out of warranty, but refusal to service their own product is reason enough never to buy another one from them.

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This is what americans get for buying that foreign made ***. Someone gave me a 3 1/2 ton floor jack so I called sears about a seal kit and they said it is no longer available.

I went online and sites have them but for a few seals $55 , really, it's going to the scrap yard. If we keep buying foreign, where will our children work.


they r junk like the china stuff, throw it out i guess and buy another junk product


Sears/Craftsman jacks are garbage. It used to be you could get repair kits, replace a few seals, add hydraulic fluid and you'd be good for some years.

Now everything is disposable and can't be repaired. Throw it out.


Unfortunately floor jacks are considered a hand tool that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The only I can suugest is make sure there is enough fluid and the screw is tightening correctly on the hydraulic chamber.

Sometimes it pays to pump the jack up down a few times to circulate the fluid and get a good seal.

I would find out who made the jack for Sears and contact the manufacturer directly.

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