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I spent days planning on what to buy for Christmas. After searching hours online, I decided to do most of my shopping at sears.

I Spent around 400 dollars on presents for people. After I waited in line for over 30 minutes, I was leaving the store and a lady approached me and told me store security was following me when I was shopping. I felt like a commodity. And extremely angry.

I felt like going back and returning everything and going somewhere else.

But then to wait in line at another corporate store and be followed again? I should have just bought 400 dollars worth of food for a homeless shelter and made a real Christmas for people that need one.

Next year Im doing just that.

Monetary Loss: $457.

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Who was this mystery lady? Maybe she is mistaken?

Was she following them for 30 minutes? Maybe it was another customer or a hot chick who wanted to ask you out.

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