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I purchased a 21 cubic upright freezer in February of 2015. I went to my local Sears franchise store in Marianna, Florida and checked to see if they had one in stock.

They did not and the clerk told me to order it through and have it shipped to the local store and they would handle the free delivery. I did that and the projected delivery would be around March 11th. We waited, called the store and were informed that the freezer was not in yet. Online documents showed it was at the store and the explanation given was that they were busy with other deliveries.

Called the store and talked to "Mike" who answered the store phone with, "what do you want now?" followed with something like,"I'm the only one here!" and then Mike proceeded to hang up on me. I called back 30 seconds later and it was Mike again. I explained that he had just TALKED to me on the phone and that I would be down at the store to see him shortly. When I arrived, I explained to him (through the locked front door) who I was and then introduced my wife.

I asked to come in and he cautiously opened the front door. I told Mike that I had come in person to answer his question. I reminded him that he asked me over the phone, what do you want now? I told him that I wanted my $#%&@*+ 21 cubic feet upright freezer that I had bought and paid for last month.

He started with the blame someone else game and the "Oh my God, I am so sorry" routine. This served to further infuriate me at which point I told him to go freely have sexual relations and place his franchise store along with my freezer where the sun doesn't shine. I had heard this store had previous simular problems, but was under new management. I went home, spent an hour on the phone with Sears customer relations and canceled the $900.00 order.

Was informed that no refund will be made until that appliance is checked back into the Sears warehouse. Two words.... buyer beware!

They used to be a great company to do business with, but sadly now they don't seem to care about being customer oriented at all. I won't have any more problems wjth Sears as we are finished.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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