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On 5/24/14, I purchased a refrigerator that has 2 identical dimensions of my current refrigerator for installation- I explained we have space issues and the salesperson told me that the refrigerator would be delivered without the doors and that everything would be properly installed on the date of delivery- requested a morning delivery if at all possible. He did tell me we would get a 2 hour window time. We were called and we were told the delivery time was between 1:45 PM and 3:45 PM on 5/27/14. They came after 4 PM without any additional phone calls. Doors were on the refrigerator. Um, what happened to Promise number 1: Doors would be off and they would be put on as part of the installation. It turned out the moulding we replaced a year ago was an issue- my husband removed it immediately and the delivery people did not wait at all- we had to call and reschedule and they TOLD us they would return and do the install in 24 to 48 hour window. They left the new refrigerator in my dining room because They had other deliveries to make. Does your delivery people have a time limit to resolve issues? Do they get docked for being late-they seemed abrupt with us. I called the store at 4:58 PM on 5/27/14 about the matter. I was very upset how we were brushed off. The delivery staff told us we could not remove the doors ourselves or we would void the warranty. During my phone call I confirmed a time Thursday morning for which I had to take time off AGAIN. I told them I needed to be the first appointment because of how poorly I was treated and work commitments, This delivery debacle has costed my family hundreds of dollars of inconvenience. I was told we would be called Wednesday evening to confirm the window. No call ever came. Promise number 2 was broken. We called at about 6:50 AM and we must have been on the phone for over an hour. At this point, I know I was lied to be the person I spoke with on Tuesday. I went from dissatisfied to irate. We got told they have no deliveries and could not accommodate us until Saturday. They had no record or notes of anything from the sales person and no note of my Tuesday eve phone call. My husband called on Tuesday separately and was offered a Thursday or a Saturday reschedule as well- again no record of that call either. Does your company train your representatives to lie just to bump up their call average? Or do you not care about us once you have our hard earned money? We are scheduled supposedly for tomorrow. I hope we get a phone call. After over an hour on the phone and talking with a manager we got offered 50,000 reward points for our "trouble. What an insult! Also, they later offered us a 50.00 gift card and I was to receive an email about that right "after the call was completed". Well that has not happened yet either. I am sure the reward points wont be credited either. Lie number 3 and 4.

I really hope the people you send tomorrow morning don't damage my refrigerator or void my warranty!!!!! I am so irate I am asking for what I consider proper restitution- I want my money back for the refrigerator too. In the last 2 months I have spent thousands of dollars at Sears, but I doubt I will be coming back. Unless you commit to granting us proper restitution and retraining these incompetent people (but you probably should be firing them)-I doubt any reward points will bring me to your store again. I have filed a BBB consumer complaint in your corporate home state of Illinois and because Sears is such a large company I could not file a BBB complaint in NJ.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1043.

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Sears Response

We're disappointed to hear that you had to cancel your order due to poor customer service. However, if you have yet to receive what a customer service team member promised you, we would like you to email so we can have a member from our team look into that for you.


Uh, if you keep the refrigerator you don't get your money back as well. That is not how it works.

If you return the fridge fine, you are owed a refund. But no matter what the inconvenience you shouldn't expect to keep merchandise for free.


The refrigerator was returned and they did promise me points and a gift card, got nothing. Their service is garbage.

I was repeatedly lied to.

I am posting this so no one else gets put through this B.S. Not planning to shop there again.