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I bought 2 garage door openers from Sears in the Willowbrook Mall. I also paid for installation, thinking that a Sears Installer would do the work. Instead a guy in a minivan showed up. Right away he complained that my ceilings were too high. Ok, so he made me go to Home Depot to buy brackets to install the motors to the ceiling ($75). When I get back, he is demanding that i speak to a lady on his cell phone from Sears, so they can charge me $80 for a high ceiling charge (they are 10ft, not anything crazy). I agree after a small fight i give that I was not informed when I purchased the door opener.

3 hours later, the installer says he is done. Immediately I notice that the doors are bent a little on the top (these were 2 month old doors). He says they are fine and lowers and raises both. Both doors are warping in the middle and I notice large bolts going through the door with scratches and dents on the outside. He admits he messed up and says Sears will reimburse me. Little did I know Sears claims no responsibility for their installers and refused to pay for the top panels of the doors ($497 it cost me to fix and re adjust the door openers that were installed incorrectly). So now I am out an extra $500 plus the $150 I paid for "high ceiling penalties". I disputed the installation charges through Discover, and Sears seems to only be good at fighting the credit card dispute. If they put as much effort in their installation process as they did in fighting credit card disputes, they would be much better off. I don't complain much, but in this case, I do not want someone else having a similar problem.

So I do not recommend getting a garage door installation from this Sears location. The opener itself is fine, it's just the caliber of installer they hire, and Sears' lack of responsibility for these guys they send into our homes. Sears used to be the best. It's all down hill I guess....

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I get paid back right away or they look for the body of their installer I wish you luck bud


I work for Sears garage doors, and let me tell you this is the last company you want at your house. All employees are paid solely on comission.

We are trained to sell the homeowners parts even if you don't need them. We use our own vehicles and are all independent sub contractors, most so called Blue Crew don't have a contractors license but are suppossed to.

We get paid 25% of the invoice minus the cost of parts, so we need to upsell the homeowner to get around 5-600.00 per service call to make it worthwhile going to your home.

Take it from me, call a local honest company. If you want to be ripped off call Sears garage doors.


Just had an installer come to my home. Told me I needed to 1) have basically every part replaced on my current garage door at a "discounted price" of $398 and 2) that the rails on the Sears Craftsman were not strong enough for my set up and to purchase a new package from him for $350.

When I told him I think I will get a second estimate he said we will get lower estimates because he uses "top of the line parts". Really?? It's just a garage door.

I don't need parts that are going to last 40 years. Sears really needs to hire honest people.


Sears stores do use subcontractors, but they are returning to their roots and now in several areas (including yours) they have Sears Garage Door branches with professional Blew Crew installation, and services, and trustworthy employees backed by industry leading warranties. Sorry to hear about your misfortune with your garage door opener installation.

Sounds like you got a bad subcontractor, you should warn people about him. He may be ripping off tons of people with his own business, or another business he actively works for.