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Summary: 1. New garage door ($1,400).

2. Two months of use. 3. Garage crumples from top down due to improper installation (garage opener set improperly).

4. False advertising (Sears uses a 3rd party contractor who it does not/cannot hold accountable). 5. Contractor is rude and lies (it's documented on email).

6. Sears does not do anything about it. 7. I request a 50% reduction on replacement door (denied).

8. No counter offer or even token discount is offered. 9. Sears closes the case.

10. I was wronged/robbed. 6 months without a functioning garage door. 11.

Sears is an unstable company. 12. Please void Sears. Please read further for more details (including pictures and a video).

The Purchase: I purchased a garage door through the Sears website. I spent a little over $1,400 for the garage door and installation. The existing garage door opener was about 5 years old so I didn't replace it. The Problem: Only 2 months after installation, the garage door was being closed and stopped about half way.

The garage door opener proceeded to continue closing and the top 3 panels started to crumple from the top down (see attached picture). Garage doors are built to last easily over 10 years. Even when they hit objects, the garage door opener is supposed to sense it and reverse. This kind of wear and tear is normal.

My new garage door only lasted 2 months because of improper installation. There was no obstruction (car's rear bumper) when the garage imploded as we have hanging tennis balls from the ceiling of the garage to let us know the the cars are properly parked. When the tennis ball touches the windshield, it is properly parked. The same car has parked in the same space with the same tennis ball for 12 years.

I also made sure that there are several inches from the rear bumper to the garage door. After inspection, it was discovered the installer did 3 things wrong: (1) they improperly set the closing distance on the garage opener. It was over-set. Rather than closing where it needed to, the garage door was set to close a little further than it should have been.

It is likely the top panel was under greater stress and started to weaken. The way these garage doors are designed, if the top panel gets bent, it throws off the alignment of the hinges and causes uneven stress to the next panel and starts causing problems one panel at a time. (2) they improperly set the closing force of the garage door opener. It was cranked to the strongest setting preventing the reverse safety function.

It was going to close the garage through anything that got in the way. I have kids and this could've been disastrous. Sears does not care! (3) they improperly installed the arm that connects the garage door opener to the garage itself (see attached picture).

It was crooked because a brace was backwards. Instead of pulling on the garage door in a straight line, it was pulled at an angle... bending the brace and ultimately causing problems along with the other 2 issues mentioned. NOTE: The garage door is currently unattached to the garage door opener.

Out of curiosity I connected them back together and closed the garage door. The "closing force" is so strong that it simply pushed through the bent metal beam and pushed it flush to the frame of the garage. That is A LOT of force. On the attached video, look at the track of the garage door opener.

Notice how it bends upward from the force that was exerted. That could've seriously injured me, my wife, or my kid and it was 100% the fault of the installer. False advertising: When doing research for a new garage door, I chose Sears because of the name. They've been around forever right?

The man on the phone said Sears isn't going anywhere, they have replacement parts if one of the panels gets damaged, and they stand behind their product & work. It turns out that Sears didn't actually do the work. They contracted the work out to a 3rd party who was very rude and wouldn't allow me to speak to a manager after multiple requests. Not only that, they straight out lied to me multiple times.

When inquiring about the cost of replacing just the 3 damaged panels, I was told I had to purchase the whole garage door. Another $1,400. I have email documentation of this lie that was told multiple times that I sent to Sears, but again, Sears simply does not care. This contractor can use receipts with Sears' name on it, act rudely, lie, and act in this unprofessional manner because they knew Sears simply couldn't or wouldn't hold them accountable.

When I asked Sears who their chosen contractor was, they said it was Asset Consulting (7017 F Canoga Ave, Canoga Park 91303). Does that sound like a contractor to you? It sounds more like someone who uses 3rd party contractors! Before the installation, I specifically asked if properly adjusting the garage door was part of the installation.

They said it was. When the problems occurred, they changed their tune. All of a sudden, they were only concerned with the garage door itself and the existing garage door opener was the problem. The garage door opener only does what it is told to do.

It was the installer who improperly adjusted the settings. It was their fault but anything to get the sale right?!? Sears' case manager: He is a calm and pleasant on the phone, but is powerless to do anything. I sent multiple emails with many pictures and documentation of the lies told by the contractor.

Rather than take a day or two to respond, it would regularly take about 2 weeks to get a response. In the end, I learned that Sears had no real authority to do much about my situation except drag it on and waste my time. The contractor and ultimately Sears should be responsible for 100% of the damages and replacement. Even though my only fault is choosing Sears and taking them at their word, I asked for 50% off to replace the existing garage door.

They wouldn't do it. They didn't even give a counter offer. I was told to call the contractor to schedule a replacement of the damaged panels if I wanted it repaired. They actually wanted me to use the same contractor that screwed everything up, treated me rudely, and lied to me.

They are absolutely ridiculous and out of touch. I asked for the price of the 3 panels and delivery. I refuse to deal with those people again. It took weeks before i was given a number to get that quote.

The case manager wouldn't even relay that information to me, even though he knew I didn't want to talk to those people again. Furthermore, I was told he would be closing my case. What recourse is there? They can do whatever they want right?

I'm glad this website exists to warn others. My situation: After 6 months, I am still without a functioning garage door. I had to save a long time for the $1400 garage door I purchased from Sears. I will be without a functioning garage door for the foreseeable future.

Sears is in trouble: Do some research. Sears as a company is in trouble. They've been around a long time, but they may not be around much longer. Their business model is outdated and they have proven they are unable to adjust.

They are resorting to shady business practices to stay open a little longer. Don't be a victim.

Avoid Sears!! You have been warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Door.

Reason of review: false advertising, faulty installation.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Pros: When they will finally close.

Sears Cons: False advertising use of 3rd party contractor.

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They won't be around by the end of year. Call the bbb news media and hire a lawyer. Rochester NY