Pasadena, California

Before I purchased the 4 cycle gas line trimmer from Sears I specifically asked two sales people what Sears' return policy was. They told me that I can return the product within 90 days no questions asked.

I purchased the trimmer and was not impressed with its performance! The unit was heavy after using it for 15 minutes; in fact, after I used it in my small yard my arm was sore. The vibration was considerable and the ability to control the trimmer was not easy to say the least. I decided to return the trimmer to Sears at which time I was told for the first time that I would be charged a 15% restocking fee!

I was not made aware of this when I asked both sales representative at the time I purchased this item. At the time I returned the unit the manager was so rude and was so smug when he said the 15% restocking fee is shown on the back of the receipt. Seriously, how many of us take the time to look at the back of the receipt! Why was I not made a aware of this possibility when I asked about the return policy?

Seems like Sears has something to hide or perhaps it's a lack of training.

After talking to the general store manager he agreed to refund the full amount to me, but rest assured I will not be buying anyting and I mean anything (appliances, garden tools, etc.) from Sears ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Sales Representative.

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The restocking fees are also on the front of the receipt. Besides, all major retailers print policies on the back of the receipt.


Sounds like somebody doesn't know their job. They just sound like sloppy sales reps.

You were lucky to get the full refund price since the fee was on the reciept.