I have a sears gift card with a balance of less than two dollars and they will not give me change! I don't want to go out and spend extra money I don't have just to use them!

How much extra money is sears making off of the thousands of people just like me!

I just stood in line at sears and was completely stonewalled at the complaints department.

they seemed to think that since the cards were a " a gift" I shouldn't have a problem with it!?

I feel like we are being completely ripped off.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Except in california, where you are allowed by law to cash out gift card balances under $10, terms and conditions be damned.


In all gift cards including sears gift cards the terms and conditions say cannot redeem for cash. The reason for this is simple it is a violation of many federal laws to turn a gift card into money a gift card is not money

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