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By the way the manager\'s name is Whitney.

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Here's my story:

DECEMBER - Craftsman Cabinet for $300+, I asked the sales lady if it was ever going to be on sale, but she gave a definite NO! what a bummer.

A WEEK LATER - Craftsman Cabinet on SALE $220 Something (I actually forgot how much I bought it because it's been so long) Anyways.. I try to buy it but "OUT OF STOCK" what! They just got it on sale and now it's out of stock?!!! I talked to Ken the sales guy, and he said no need to special order because they have some coming in a couple of weeks, So the sale price will still be in effect by the time it comes in.

2 WEEKS LATER - Called and none yet.

THAT SAME WEEK- Called and the sales lady say's YES we have one that came in, but that's reserved for someone that special ordered it. The cabinets are only by special order and the sale price is no longer in effect. WTH?? I said never mind and I'll wait to talk to Ken.

JANUARY - Got a hold of Ken and he tells me sorry and that we can special order it and get the same sale price. I say OK, I'll make the order.

JANUARY 15 - Special Order and should take 4-6 weeks.


5TH WEEK - The sales lady does not see my order, even with my name and order number. They have complications and they will call me back. Someone finally calls me back I think it's Whitney and he apoligizes and tells me they found my order and it has not come in yet, also tells me that it's 4-8 weeks and not 4-6 weeks.


Ken calls me and say's sorry because they made a mistake and did NOT order my cabinet, because when they originally placed the order the system was offline. He apologized and was willing to give me a $20 gift certificate, they also have 1 cabinet coming in that week and they will just give that one to me. They also have one on display that has a little dent if I was interested and was not willing to wait. I did tell him I might just take a look at that one and let him know, which I didn't because I decided to wait for the shipment that was coming in.

1 WEEK LATER - Talked to Ken: NOT IN YET (Think this was a Monday)

WED - Talked to Ken: IT'S IN! but it's inside the container and we should be unloading and getting to it soon.

FRIDAY - Talked to Ken: Sorry we haven't got to it yet, we don't have enough manpower to unload the container, should be soon. *Plus your cabinet is in the way back of the container so it's hard to take out.

SATURDAY - Talked to Ken: Sorry no warehouse employee's to unload the container on the weekends. It Should be done on Monday or Tuesday.

TUESDAY - Talked to Ken: Sorry we haven't got to it yet, we had a Bomb Scare and did not have time.

-i already forgot if I called on Wednesday or Thursday LOL

FRIDAY - Talked to Ken: Sorry but we unloaded the container and it's not in this shipment. *WTH!!!! ...Then he tells me that they have another container on Monday coming in.

...Now shouldn't he have checked the logs to see if my shipment was in or not, instead of telling me it's in and we can't get to it yet, but soon???? I'm not looking to, or don't want anyone to get in trouble, I even actually liked how the guy helped me out at times, but to keep telling me it's in but they haven't got to it yet, and then to realize that you still don't have it.


MARCH 16: Employee say's the Manager is offering me the damaged cabinet for $200.00 (The damage is so bad that it's not even worth that amount.) that's like $20.00 off.

MARCH 23: Still not in, and they try to offer me the damaged item they have in stock for the same price, $200.00.

APRIL 6: 1 item came in, but they made a mistake and gave it to another customer because the sales lady called the customer to pick it up, even tho that item should have gone to me. Then they say that the manager just put in an order for another cabinet and it should be on the way soon. I try to make a complaint and talk to the manager, but the manager is not in the office, he know's about it and PROMISES to give me a call today so we can talk about what happened. He never called.

Now im debating what to do....I haven't received my cabinet, and everyone's telling me to make a complaint.

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You say this and that, but when we I do talk to you, You really can't do anything about it, and you're sorry. What a JOKE!



Please accept our apologies for the ongoing frustration associated with receiving your Craftsman Cabinet. We can understand how upsetting this has been for you. My name is Zenaida and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalation team. We came across your post and wanted to reach out to offer our assistance. We are glad to look into this matter.

At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the customer name (Larry Vargas) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We truly value your business and look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Zenaida M.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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