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I recently ordered a Gladiator Storage Set that was posted as an "8 Piece Garage System". The picture showed 7 different storage boxes and a work bench for 8 pieces. The "bundle overview" also described set features as " (1) 2-door freestanding GearBox, (1) 5-drawer GearDrawer, (3) tall mobile Gearboxes, (2) 30 in. wall boxes, (1) 6 ft. maple adjustable height workbench."

I actually called Sears to verify this number and ordered it over the phone. When I received my email verification it showed 1 of each of the storage boxes, a work bench...the 3 "other' pieces were (2) gear track for hanging two of the boxes, (32) screws, and (4) end caps. Which I guess in their planning makes 8 pieces.

I called Sears 4 different times and dealt with 6 different people (asked for managers twice). Finally received an email telling me that their figuring was correct I would only be receiving 4 gearboxes a work bench and the 3 different accessories for a total of "8" products. I could cancel my order....

Their website was deceptive and verged on "bait and switch" as they advertised one thing and were prepared to send out another. Buyer Beware!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Yeah, they do all kinds of trick one of the ones I caught them at was taking a unbranded winter boot and calling it one name and selling for say a regular price of $100 and a discount of 25% then changing the name slightly and the item number and changing the regular price to $85 and a discount of 25% so at not to look like they are trying to blow them out. I took screen shots showing that when you searched for the old item number after it was changed it shows the new one as they did not change the storage location of the images etc.

Its false advertising to claim a regular selling price that the item never sold for.

They did it twice on one item. Sears is mortally wounded don't get stuck with anything that is not directly backed by the manufacturer.