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So I just wanted to inform the readers here about a little something about the Sears Hardware stores in Ohio. I use to work at the Parma Sears Hardware store and I was fired by the district manager because my protection agreement sales were not up to company standards.

When I first started working there I thought I was working for a great company. Boy was I wrong. I've come to learn that the district manager John doesn't really care about the employees that work in any of his stores. All he cares about is getting you, the consumer, to buy a Sears protection agreement; which in most cases you do not need.

Also if you have purchased one from Sears good luck trying to get them to come out. There are so many problems and issues that rarely get resolved to the customer's satisfaction. Delays in their service dept. showing up, reschedules, the service men not showing up, and so on. I have personally had to deal with many problems and have also seem the management in the store trying to fix the problems.

Anyway I want to inform you, the consumer, that you do not need a protection from Sears what so ever. Can an appliace break down? Yes they can but 9 times out of 10 it's within the manufacturers warranty and Sears is required to fix it for free. All they are looking for is to squeeze more money out of you. I don't know about you but I for one don't have money to just throw away like that.

So take it from someone who use to work for Sears Hardware, you don't need a protection agreement and you will be saving yourself some money too.

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What you forgot to mention worker@sears is the cumsumer who buys those appliances also can contact the maunfacher of the product they bought and buy that service agreement directly from them at a much cheaper price than sears sells them for saving them a lot of money.


Boy are you incorrect! You obviously do not know your facts.

John is awesome to work for. And Pa's are worth it.

call us when your past your manufactures warranty and see if the brand name will fix it for you! NOT!