Washington, District Of Columbia
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Sears customers since 1987. Purchased first Master Protection Agreement at $400/year.

Cost is now $2,199. Purchased a new washer/dryer, and we were NOT informed to install on a hard cement floor, or first floor due to the high speed cycle. Complained to main office and where we bought in April 2008. NO reply.

Air conditioner went out May 26, 2008. Waited weeks for repairman. Fan was changed, problem continued. Air compressor replaced, lasted one day.

Awaiting his arrival 8/5/08, but certain problem will remain as they do not want cost to replace AT THEIR COST.

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You need to get ahold of the store manager at the store where you the items from. Explain to him/her that your salesperson never informed you of this information and see if they can work something out with you. Like try to get you another unit that may be more compatable.

If not, there is always the district manager or regional manager to complain too. Never settle for a no answer. You basically have 90 days for a return on all products and after that they may charge a restocking fee. as far as the associate who sold you the unit, he may have not known about this problem. they basically work on commission selling is their main priority. As far as the air conditioner problem, it looks like a possible misdiagnosis or part failure. contact the tech mgr asap. asked to speak to the tech mgr of your local service unit. if there isnt one avail to talk to right away, ask to speak to a support manager, and at last resort, ask to speak to the district or regional manager. that should get them moving and get this thing diagnosed correctly. there is also National Customer Relations (NCR) 1-800-659-7077, in which you can complain too. This is basically a corporate complaint number. Oh yeah, btw, always get a name of the rep you speak to as well as a unit # that they work out of, and their associate or badge number. I understand that its hard to understand them b/c they are from Guatamala and the Phillipines.

Also, when you call NCR, you get put on a customer compalint list that the reps at your local unit have to pay attention too . If they do not try and resolve these complaints/concerns, then the district mgr gets them, and then its not a good situation for the reps that are supposed to "work" these complaints.

. May I ask what is going on with your Maintenance Agreement? Is there a problem with that as well?Good Luck


Good lord, this complaint makes absolutely no sense. Try using proper grammar and sentence structure. I literally have no idea what exactly you are complaining about