Refund for partial return with receipt (3 of 5 items) was issued to SEARS gift card instead of major credit card.

Original Payment:

$15.55 Master Card

$18.40 Gift Card


$18.40 Gift Card

$2.57 Master Card

Proper refund would be:

$15.50 Master Card, rest (~$5.50 Gift card).

Sales person gave no advance worning, computer problems cited as the reason, while agreeing with me that refund should be first issued to the major CC to the full extent of CC payment with only reminder on the gift card, which is the coomon practice in the retail industry.

Lack of promissed follow up on two occasions.

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Common practice? According to who?

You? Oh...

lol I see. Well so you know, now a days, if you use a gift card AT ALL the entire refund will be put back on a gift card to avoid any further confusion.

Rocky Point, North Carolina, United States #12144

Just because you say it is standard practice doesn't mean it is. I've had the same situation and clothing stores and department stores.

It is not and uncommon policy, ESPECIALLY for a company who gives out gift cards as free gifts, rewards, and other reasons. At any rate, did you ask for a manager when you were there, or just get pissed at a sales person and decide to complain on the internet about it?

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