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Bought 4 new major appliances (stove,refrig,dishwasher,micro) from Sears for delivery and installation 8/29. On 8/28 I called to check on del status and was told dishwasher and micro would not be delivered and could not be installed.

My order was $4467 and included installation charges for both items. They told me could not install in my area due to requirements for licensing of installers. I asked why they sold me the products and installation services and they had no reply. They offered no apology for having sold me the services or for having not called to tell me they could provide the service.

They simply were going to show up with 2 of my 4 appliances. My calls were routed all over the company, actually the world as their call center is located in the Philippines. They could figure it out so transferred me several places. Spoke to one manager who could not have cared less and just wanted to end the call.

Since they could not install the dishwasher and micro I asked them to cancel the order. Still have not seen a refund confirmation. I emailed the SVP of sales whos email address is included in the email receipt for online purchases. No response.

Why send it with your purchase receipt with your personal thank you for your purchase note when there is no service commitment behind it.

I wanted to spend my money at Sears and to buy Kenmore products.

Two iconic american brands gone bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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I thought that I could trust Sears to do the right thing. I was totally wrong.

My new refrig. was to be delivered between the hours of 9 am and 11 am. When 12 pm came around I called to see why no delivery. My refrig.

was not going to be delivered I was told . No one called to tell me that I was not getting a delivery. There was not even an explanation as to why I was not going to get a delivery that day. I was told that I would get a delivery on the weekend (when I was not due to be home) and that was that.

What an inconvinence. I had taken food out of the old refrig. (like I had been advised) and spent time and energy rearranging my small apartment to make easy access for the exchange.

Now my living room is a mess and I feel violated and disrepected by Sears. What a blow!