We purchased a sears Elite front loader washer and dryer in 2008.Of course we purchased the 5 year warranty to go with it. The first day we used it I couldn't believe the noise it made, I thought it was a jet engine ready to takeoff.

We called the service department on two separate occasions to have someone check it out. They assured us that the noise was normal. Really. So for two years I hated to be in my kitchen when the washer was on in the next room, hated it!!

Well I recently found myself back at sears to purchase an apartment washer/dryer for an in-law unit,when I asked the appliance manager about our elite washer dryer. He told us there is definitely something wrong and call the service provider and insist the send someone. We did and sure enough, as soon as he heard the noise he said it was broken.Of course my wife had to wait from 8:00am until he showed up at 5:30pm that day.So fine, he orders the parts for repair. Schedules our repair in a week , parts show up at our house two days later, with 5 days before the repair is scheduled.

Today my wife is waiting for an 8:00am to 12:00pm arrival, he doesn't show until 2:30pm. They open the washer and discover the motor is faulty,the parts that were shipped had nothing to do with the necessary repair.While they were clearing the room they handed my wife a heavy pot that was on the washer she turned to set it down but the repair guy left his tool bag on the floor , she tripped and fell down the pot landed on our kitchen table with a 1/2 inch glass top.

Fortunately she wasn't injured but the glass top shattered all over the kitchen.Now the washer sounds fine. After this experience I will never ever do business with sears again, and I will discourage anyone I know from doing business with them as well

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I too have a problem with Sears. I called their repair service to fix a Refrigerator.

I told them what was wrong with the Refrigerator, what exactly was needed to repair it and the Model and part number required. Needless to say a technician showed up without the part and billed me for two service calls one for diagnosis and the other when he returned to repair with the part for the unit. Sears is a place that has lost my business.

I have informed my family NOT to give me Gift Certificates from SEARS. They will be wasting their money.


Its too bad that your glass top was shattered. But it sounds like an accident caused by human error.

At least they fixed your washer. I purchased a washer from Lowes two years ago. After several calls to the manufacturer, repeated attempts by several different repair companies. My machine still does not work right.

I wish I bought from Sears. They at least have there own service people.

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