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Update by user Mar 18, 2013

Sears banned me from their community pages as I complained about their misleading advertising. I was suckered into buying a phone; that was the start of months of wasted effort.

Writing to the CEO / Chairman brought the Blue Ribbion Service to the case; What a waste of time they are. I've pointed out many mistakes in the false assumptions but continue to be ignored. Customer Service - that is a JOKE.

If none of us let them away with it then maybe we'll get the service we deserve.

Original review posted by user Feb 11, 2013

Thousands of people are complaining about Sears.

Is anyone listening. If you’ve tried www.pissed consumer or even “mySearsCommunity” without getting satisfaction, you could;

1. Write to Chief Executive Officer / President, Louis J. D'Ambrosio or Chairman Edward S. Lampert at Sears Holdings Corporation, 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL, 60179


2. Email the following addresses;

The following tips may also be helpful;

Don’t be too pleased when an initial response offers to sort everything out on your behalf, you may never hear from them again.

Be prepared for the long road, Sears “talk the talk” but they need to be cajoled into even taking baby steps.

Accept that you may have to deal with some of the worst customer service reps about – and not just one or two for you can be passed from pillar to post.

Stick at it! You will DEFINITELY NOT have any joy if you don’t stick at it.


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If you have a complaint for sears, using is a great way to communicate directly to the store that you had the issue with. The results from this survey are updated and sent to the specific store within twenty-four hours, and trust me, changes are made.