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Below is the email I wrote to sears. Their service has gone by the waist side and they don't care. After reading what I wrote you won't believe their response. It makes the situation even worse. I wrote about a washer and dryer and they responded to me about a roof. ROOF!!! They are crazy


To whom it may concern,

I would like to communicate my recent disappointments with my Sears

experience. A few months ago i went into a Sears store to search for a

washer and dryer for my home, the Whirlpool duet steam washer and dryer

with LED display. Recently I found a pair that I decided to purchase

from a Sears store in White Plains, NY.

The sales woman was very helpful and courteous. My delivery date was

scheduled for the following Saturday, June 2, 2012. On Saturday June

2, 2012, I skipped a class that I help teach in order to receive the

delivery. The delivery time was between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. At 11:00

am when no one showed up, I called Sears to check on my delivery. I was

told the order was delayed until June 18, 2012. I received an automated

message hours later advising me my order was delayed. I was not happy.

Determined to get my order I waited until the new delivery date June 18,

2012. The day before the automated message confirming the delivery time

on the 18th. It was between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Knowing I was going

to receive the delivery, I scheduled a day off from work. On June 18,

2012 understanding the problem i had with the first scheduled delivery,

I called to confirm. That's when I was told the dryer would be

available for delivery Wednesday, June 20, 2012, not the 18th as I was

told, there was no explanation why. The washer, had a manufacturing

defect and a new one had to be made (I didn't know washing machines were

made to order). This new one was scheduled to arrive, Tuesday, July 17,


This is unacceptable, not only did I miss class and a days work. There

was no communication from Sears about the delay until i called. What

further upset me is I was willing to spend $4,300 for this washer and

dryer along with the service agreement for 5 years from Sears with such

bad service.

I was so angry that later that day, I cancelled my order and went to

best buy. I was able to get a better price on a laundry set. I also

got haul away and Saturday delivery included, not $10 each which is what

Sears charged me.

To further my frustration, in February i spent $17,200 on siding from

Sears home improvement and I had problems with that as well, no returned

calls, shudders missing from the order, gutter guards removed and not

addressed in the order.

I await your response from Sears before I contact several agencies,

including the Better Business Bureau, about my bad experiences with



Thank you for contacting Sears. We appreciate hearing from you.

I apologize that you had a bad experience with your recent experience

with Sears. I understand that you are having issues with your roof. For

assistance with or any information regarding a home improvement service,

please call 1-800-669-4715. Our home improvement department will be able

to assist you and answer any other questions you have about your home

improvement service.

Thank you for choosing Sears. We appreciate your business.


Kim-Marie S.

Sears Holdings Corporation

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Wish I had read this before my (attempted) purchase of a set of mattresses. Astoundingly inept service from Sears and their service department.

Amazing to spend over $2000 and receive nothing but the suggestion to continue doing what I have already been doing for OVER A MONTH. Second what you say here: if at all possible, avoid Sears.