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We recently moved to the Tucson area and left our old w/d set with the house we sold. We are military and once our travel pay came through we went out to buy an new set. After researching the set we wanted online we looked at Lowes, Home Depot, a few local companies and finally Sears. Sears was the ONLY place who could get us the set in 2 days..everywhere else was 2 weeks or more. Being a family of 5 with a newborn and no w/d for the last 3 weeks - we needed a set NOW.

Bought the set, paid extra to get them weekend delivered. They were supposed to be delivered today (Sunday). We live on an Air Force base so we made sure their company had permission/drivers that could access the instillation. Everything on our end was set. Phone call Saturday night said they would deliver between 1&3pm Sunday.

Sunday (today) we get an 8am phone call saying they had just tried to get on base and were denied access due to base regulations forbidding Sunday deliveries. That was Lie #1. After an entire morning and early afternoon of phone calls and getting the run around we discovered the truth.

The set made it from the Phoenix warehouse to Tucson & in Tucson some "brilliant" individual decided they knew better than anyone else and that the set could not be delivered because the base would not allow it. WRONG.

After many conversations with Sears locally we have decided to cancel our order because it was not going to deliver until "sometime on Tuesday". Not acceptable as my husband would be working and I have an infant with a doctor's appointment & older children who have insane school schedules so I spend most of my day dropping them off and picking them up. After calling two more locally owned businesses, we found the exact set and can have them today - as I type this my husband is on his way to go purchase them and bring them home in his truck. Oh and Sears, just so you know - we're also willing to spend an addition $130 more than the set cost us through YOU just because we can have them NOW and not God knows when.

Never have I seen such incompetence....Sears outsources their deliveries to a subcontractor - perhaps if they did them in house they would care more about what happens to their customers AFTER the sale, because the delivery company sure as heck doesn't.

Sears...we're done. :( And after reading some other comments, my order BETTER be cancelled. It hasn't posted to our bank yet so Monday morning it better not magically show up as a debit without an immediately following credit!

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