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Sears has the worst customer service of any company I have EVER dealt with. All of the customer service reps need to be terminated and new ones with better attitudes need to be brought in.

I purchased a washer and dryer from them and purchased the early time for 20.00 on top of the delivery fee. WELL, what they do not tell you is that that is for DELIVERY ONLY and not installation, so basically you are still waiting the entire day to get your delivery and installation done. What a load of ***. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE FROM SEARS.

I have been with Sears over 20 years and this is my last and final purchase from them, because in the end, they could care less about their customers.

Next appliance I need will come from Home Depot or Lowes or anywhere better than Sears.

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When will all of us learn not to buy at Sears?

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