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I, too, have had a total lack of care and understanding from the service department customer support team. Except for one very nice and understanding lady whom I reached on my 3rd attempt and 5th month dealing with this fraud!

She knew exactly what I was saying and she compared my tech to a mechanic who was trying to rip me off so he could come back to install the parts for yet another couple hundred bucks. Except she didn't document or escalate my call at all. Here is the begining of my never ending mess with Sears. First week in January my 5 month old Whirlpool Gold dishwasher went out during it's normal cycle.

A tech (some *** subcontracted by Sears "Blue Team") was sent out a week later than the original 4 fricken hour window. He, in his few words of english, said "trol pan break" after a minute of pushing the buttons in an attempt to magically get another cycle to start. Knowing nothing about appliances, I assumed he tried and received some sort of error code (like the mechanic gets from my cars). That "code" meaning the control panel (computer) had blown.

Backing up here a minute.... we chose to purchase all 5 Whirlpool Gold appliances @ Sears because of their new marketing campaign, the "Blue Team" or something even though they were more than Lo*es. Thus convicing me the Big Box stores wouldn't be as accomadating for service if we needed it. Backing up further....

in 99 I purchased the new front loading HE Neptune washer and dryer from Sears for a heafty price at the time. 11 months later I was pleasantly surprised to have Sears call ME to schedule a cleaning, tune up, and inspection before the mfg warranty expired. He called that morning to confirm a 1 hour window. He was on time, sober (a vendor Sears suggested last year to install the gas line needed for the new gas appliances, was drunk and 3 hours late) clean, and very kind.

When he was done there was no charge and he refused a tip. I've never had a problem with the washer or dryer to date. That pleasant experience has now become a thing of the past. Thus the new spendy ad compaigne for the "Sears Blue Team".

That was the last time Sears showed any real customer service... So after fighting for 7 months a refund for the original service call was refunded. What had really happened to the dishwasher was a wiring harness had become disconnected. My friend came over a few days after the new $200 control panel arrived to install it but thought to check a few thing first since it was so new.

As soon as he removed the bottom panel he saw the problem he plugged it in and the dishwasher began right where it had left off. Sears agreed to send a manager and the sub tech come out on the 10 of July to see first hand that I had not even open the box for the new control panel and for us to show them where the real problem was. I thought perhaps they would like to learn from this mistake. Nope.

Again, no call, no show. I waited a week in good faith. Nothing. So I called for the 10 time to see if they were going to refund me for the bogus tech that came in January and if they were going to refund me for the unopened control panel.

Her reply was a tech could pick up the part and she would - once again escalate my refund request for the 7th time. Ok. So how about the refund for the part? In a very rude tone she said I hadn't paid for the part and would not see a refund for the January Tech visit.

"We don't make mistakes. You didn't pay for the part. So unless you return it to us we are going to bill you for it!". I was pissed.

Big time. I asked if she showed I had ordered the part - "No. That is why you need to return it to us. The tech usually orders the part.".

After another half hour she realizes I had purchased the part after call Sears to order it, only to be transferred to Whirlpool to order it direct. This isn't my first issue. Just one that is on going. Last Nov I ordered our fridge from a local store who would deliver it the next day between 1-5.

Never showed up. Called and the *** sold the same one twice to get the commission. We had to wait another 78 days to get one. Then the cooktop arrives, wrong one.

But an upgrade. Had to call for service (burners weren't completly torked down causing the DSI not to work on three. That tech offered to clean and inspect the dishwasher as the warranty was to expire in 4 months. For a fee, of course.

NO THANKS. Then like the techs always do: "Here is a copy of the survey you might get. Since you were happy with me just put all 5's like I show on this one. Or they may call you to answer the questions over the phone.

It is like taking the food out of my kids mouth when people don't answer with all 5's. Know what I mean. Wink,wink". Thank goodness I never responded to their survey call.

Would hate to be responsible for starving his kid. What a bunch of putzes. These are the worst examples I care to share. I did slice up my Sears card and just 3 weeks ago got a refund check for the bogus tech visit in January.

Still trying for the refund of the control panel. Peace.

Be persistant and threaten to file with the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $380.

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My company spends over 700000.00 per year with Sears. The customer service is deplorable as is the "Shop your way rewards" joke.

They state that VIP points will be given and after ten calls, NOTHING. Shame on you Sears.


They are also trying to survive on the backs of their subcontractors. They are trying to push through new contracts that would pay the subs less money than the were paid in the late 80's

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